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  • acquinas acquinas May 14, 2012 9:08 AM Flag

    What's happened to this culture

    Abbott was once a place that cultivated leadership and values. It has become a blind and base institution. Managers who report up well are rewarded, while they step on the faces of those beneath them. Vets departing the military are hired for cheap, used for a few years until they reach the age of 49, and then discarded before 50. This is the type of company that gave rise to the need for Unions.

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    • Culture was dependent upon whether you were part of an acquisition or part of the home office. Acquisitions by Abbott were misled and fed a diet of comforting lies until the inevitable infestation of home office replacements made it expedient to start killing off the acquired company's staff. That's the way parasites play and live, Abbott being a great example...

    • I have worked in several divisions of Abbott and in many positions at a number of locations both in management and non management and have not seen any examples that support your statements. Unless you have specific examples you have very little creditabilty. Sounds to me like a bunch of sour grapes.

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      • Not sour grapes, rather an onion...the more you peel back the layers... Abbott would do well to celebrate and respect her employees. There's a retired Army 3 Star General, like many (I won't mention names), who began his career as a private. He still relates to privates, and cares deeply for the ranks who held him up. If you are still with Abbott, I applaud and encourage you might be able to make a difference. The company was Great at one time, and harnesses that potential under it's leadership...with some redirection. It is not a mere coincidence that the company has paid out enormous sums exceeding a $Billion over the past 14 years, for fraudulent activity..where yes men reporting up very well lost their character, and inspired others to follow in the culture they imposed. The culture has much work to be done for trust to be earned. Not seeing it happen currently. BTW...Were you an HR exec?

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