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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Oct 18, 2012 12:30 PM Flag


    Romney in the last debate revealed he would eliminate tax on interest, dividends, and capital gains. What a tax savings for investors. Romney’s plan would let households earning less than $200,000 a year collect capital gains, dividends and interest tax-free. That would encourage more Americans to build cash nest eggs and to own stocks and bonds above and beyond their retirement plans.

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    • Romney.. the chicken in every pot candidate... Get real!

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    • Spamming teatard alert...posted this same thing on 56 boards in the last 2 hours...get a job...or is spamming for Romney your job?

      And learn to do math! Just how would we pay for this? You'd probably believe anyone who promises you riches for nothing...I can forward you an email from got a Nigerian princess in temporary financial distress who'd love to hear from you!

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      • You're correct but when it comes to people's pocketbook they will only believe what they want to believe. I think I will run for President after President Obama finishes his second term. I will promise no taxes of any kind. I will promise a fresh chicken in every pot and a new car in every garage. Of course, the roads would be so bad that they wouldn't be able to be driven on and the chicken would probably be tainted.

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