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  • dumsani79 dumsani79 Feb 1, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    medical device tax

    Honestly. Any business that can't absorb a 2.5% tax on medical devices is probably too weak to survive anyway. These CEOs will look for any excuse to explain any poor performance. It's always someone else's fault or some event beyond their control. These CEOs make enough money. Figure it out.

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    • Most CEO's of medical device companies are figuring it out. They are laying off several thousand employees. You either cut cost or raise prices. The 2.5% on revenue falls straight through to the bottom line. Some companies that are diversified can absorb the costs better than the pure play medical device companies.

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      • Laying off thousands of employees is certainly not the solution. A balanced approach is the method a smart CEO would use. Some cost reduction (perhaps less corporate perks and reducing energy consumption) and some price increase to their customers. I think an additional 2.5% tax on medical devices is a tempest in a tea pot and just another excuse for CEO's to complain about government while accepting every government perk and contract that comes their way.

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