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  • natsu4fun natsu4fun Jun 29, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    Moms Across America March (MAAM) to Label GMOs,July 4,2013

    Abbott Laboratories shareholders reject proposal to remove GMOs from infant formula!

    Moms Across America March to Label GMOs at July 4th Parades on Main Streets USA everywhere! Yes M.A.A.M!

    Do you want GMOs Labeled NOW! Because we Moms SAID SO?

    Do you want to let your whole town or city know about GMOs?

    Do you want to connect with other Moms who are struggling with feeding their kids NON GMO food?

    You CAN! Tell the Nation to say Yes MAAM!

    Here’s what you can do to form a group of “Major Moms”:

    1) MOMS Support Night Out: Kids, Allergies, Behavior and Food. Talk to your local Moms club, invite your friends, ask them to invite every Mom they know to a video showing of Robyn O’Brien’s Ted Talk ”Patriotism on a Plate”

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    • Did have any great marches did you? Wait a second! Maybe people are not believing your lies!

    • Putting Infants and Children at Risk

      Most infant formula sold in the US contains GE ingredients, either soy or milk from cows injected with GE hormones. Some also contain corn syrup. Cereals can contain ingredients like GE soy lecithin.

      As globalization spreads, a number of issues arise which have the potential to affect infant nutrition. One such concerns is that of Genetically Engineered (GE) or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and their use in infant formula and infant foods.

      The process of genetic engineering is imprecise and random. Inserted genes can disrupt a plant's natural growth and development or function differently than expected. As a consequence, genetically engineered foods can have unintended effects, with potentially harmful consequences for human health. The end result could be the bio-synthesis of food molecules that are toxic, allergenic, or carcinogenic - hardly the perfect food for baby.
      Putting Infants and Children at Risk

      The use of GMOs is of particular concern for infants and young children. Many authorities are concerned because GMOs in baby foods are not adequately tested for safety and should not be used in baby foods as artificially fed infants are dependent on formula as their sole source of food for month on end.

      Infant formula is already a inferior food for babies, putting them at greater risk for variety of illnesses including ear and upper respiratory infections, asthma, diabetes and cancer. These risks may be increased when infant formula is genetically engineered. GMO ingredients can alter the nutritional value of baby foods, increase exposure to toxins, and elevate the risk of developing allergies and resistance to antibiotics.
      According to Vyvyan Howard, a toxilogical pathologist at the University Hospital: "Swapping genes between organisms can produce unknown toxic effects and allergies that are most likely to effect children."

      NOTE: Google it to read the rest!

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