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  • surenotsure surenotsure Feb 15, 1998 9:46 PM Flag

    Pipe line???

    I heard for a long time that BMY had a weak pipeline. Then through license agreements they had money makers. Earnings UP. and my stock went up and DIV increases every year. My Poor research shows ABT seem to do the same thing. Maybe it's management paying attention to busness for the shareHolders.
    I bot ABT in 97 so short time holder. I beleive in reading the 10K's and 10Q's with all the boring reading. I also found out that I need to look and check managements record, and holdings. I also hate crunching numbers but must be done. Many analyst go so far they lose site of whats really happening in the real world.
    Technicians sometimes read to many tea leaves and see to many parallels with too many possibilitys. To me charts are guides to trends and to be compare with their peers. I like quality and I am of the belief ABT is quality. That why I bot.

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    • Here is an interesting post from the SI board:

      IBD's Feb. 13 edition reports the top 10 holdings, buys & sells of 3 healthcare funds. ABT is among the top 10 holdings of
      two funds: Fidelity Select Healthcare and Putnam Health Sciences. Fidelity has increased its holdings to 997K shares, 4.5% of
      its holdings, while Putnam has decreased its holdings to 1.28 mil shares, 3.8% of its holdings. ABT is the top sell of Vanguard
      Specialized Health Care, the fund having dumped 2.09 mil shares. The time frame for all this activity is not indicated. Sure would like
      to know what scared Vanguard away.

      Also would love to know how the ABT-594 trials are going. Like Chuck Edwards (Jan 2 reply), I think it's a biggie. If the
      stuff works, they'll be selling it worldwide in a jiffy. Only the poor US patients will have to wait for relief. Anecdotal reports
      should be available as the trial progresses. Investors, at least certain investors, won't have to wait for a formal announcement on
      this one. The patient will tell the nurse "I feel great and the side effects are gone! Get my broker on the phone, immediately."
      Will be pretty hard to keep it quiet. Anybody know where the trials are being conducted? Maybe we should start dating the nurses.

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      • You mentioned: "IBD's Feb. 13 edition..." What's IBD?

      • I have access to Pharmaprojects. I will check the progress of the drug and post on Wednesday when I am in the office. In terms of figuring out where the clin trials are being conducted, check out While the candidate drug names are usually not mentioned, if you look in the right category, you can usually figure out what is going on.

        Finally, a general comment about narcotic analgesics. The potential of a product can be limited if the product is found to have addictive properties. Look at what is happening to ULTRAM, (a J&J drug) and DURACT, (a Novartis drug). If they go on restrictive schedules, then the product potential goes down considerably. I should note that I do not know ANYTHING about the properties of the Abbott drug to know what class of products it falls into, and anything about its mechanism of action.

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