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  • Dagmarspal Dagmarspal Feb 18, 1998 6:20 AM Flag


    i have made good money off of pfe when they split this last year.
    today i reinvested all that i had in my pfe and my pnu and put it all into abt... This may seem risky but it always has
    worked for me. After a old company has done a split it always seems to go up due in part to cheap price but because people know
    that these old companys don't split unless it will bring in more money for other ventures that will make them more profit. The
    bottom line is buy low (while you can) and sell high.....i think that pfe is at its high now and that the bottom is going to fall
    out on them in the real near future.....

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    • Dagmarspal,
      Nope, I'm affraid not.

    • I can't seem to find any information regarding Serlect. What confuses me is that Serlect is already approved for the treatment of schizophrenia. What possible reason would Abbott have to withdraw their drug?

      My understanding of Lilly's move today was that it was more related to a delayed response to their Evista announcement.

      Please correct me if I'm wrong. In my opinion, if anything is going to move ABT tomorrow, it will be spillover effects from the failed GLX/SBH deal. But I also believe that any effect will be temporary, and ABT will trade on its own strengths.

    • Lets don't get to far a head of ourselves. What I was saying was for the future. Not now. What bothers me is I left the corp. world and still know to many people who are getting out or want out asap. Most are aware of the tax rules on IRA's you can draw from them at age 55. with No penalty. My thoughts are what the possibilits may or maynot be. AND WHEN????

      How about thoughts on how and when the genetic and the normal pharma world will merg. Don't when or who to own. I want to be there when it happens.

      Thanks for putting up with me. May your DIV's grow and gains be large.

    • It will be at lest 10 years before the mass of BB's start to retire!

    • They were born between 1945 to 1964 or there abouts. To make a short story as long as possible is what happen when people
      retire. They tend to change their assets to create more cash flow. Stocks and houses do not pay out much money. The so called
      financal planners usually want to move you into bonds and out of stocks. If and this only an if. The supply of large houses and many
      stocks may possibly exceed demand. Also many companys are getting out of the old retiredment by paying you monthly incomes.
      The 401's are putting the respondability on the indiviuals shoulders. When I left my company I took a lump sum. I know to many early retirees like my self and we all took the lump sum because we can invest better than most mutual funds.
      The bottom line is if to many people bale out of houses and stocks in order to create a larger cash flow. Supple may exceed demand. Maybe I wrong. I don't think generation X can buy all of it. I bellieve their too few of them. Just a thought.

      Hope this makes sence.

    • When I think of the baby boomers, I think of a flood of money coming into the health care industry. That's why my money is here.

      Could you elaborate on your concern with the baby boomer assets?



    • Barrons Feb 23 1998. Page 31.

      Just a plain BULL since Jul 1982. We've got three or more good years left. My concern is when the baby boomers really start retiring. Who will buy their assets.

      Keep it simple.

    • Abbott has and always will beat to there own drummer. They will not be aquired but will build there company by aquisitions. The first will Be Murex. I own shares of Both!

    • Abbott has and always will beat to there own drummer. They will not be aquired but will build there company buy aquisitions. The first will Be Murex. I own shares of Both!

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