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  • linkron linkron May 18, 1998 7:55 PM Flag

    When Is The Date of the Split?


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    • Thanks for info Arnquist.

      Do you remember
      where it was said or written by ABT management that
      this quarter's sales or earnings will be affected by
      currency issues or asia issues?

      I would appreciate
      a link if available.

    • There really shouldn't be a difference if you buy
      before or after the split.

      The stock price
      usually goes up on news of a split because that is a
      strong signal from management that they expect continued
      growth in stock price based on current business
      operations. It is that signal, not the stock split itself,
      that should move stock price.

      It used to be
      that stock price commissions were related to number of
      shares bought. The minimum commissions per share occured
      when you bought in batches of 100 shares, so the
      reduced cost of 100 shares after the split encouraged new
      investment and increased stock price. But now the discount
      brokers charge per trade,not related to number of shares
      (i.e., Waterhouse Web Broker is $12 per trade,
      regardless of number of shares) so this reason has pretty
      much gone away.

      There doesn't seem to be any
      significant research results that would indicate that
      psychological factors consistently push the price up the few
      days before or the few days after a split. And there
      is no economic value. So it doesn't seem to me like
      the day of the split should impact your decisions
      about when to buy or sell the stock.

    • I have bought before the split. I think it should be based on your position.

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    • I bought 1 call option right before the close yesterday. Thought the split was this morning but it looks like it will be after the market closes. Hope we see 80 soon(40 after split).


    • What is the conventional wisdom on whether to buy just before the split or just after the split?

    • Yes,you receive the additional shares if you buy
      shares up to the moment of the split. The date of record
      is really a bookkeeping issue...shares that trade
      after the date of record trade with the right to
      receive the stock split. Yes, your cost basis will be cut
      in half when the number of shares you own

      The confusion here is because of the importance of
      the date of record for a (cash) dividend. In that
      case, the cash dividend is paid to the holder on the
      record date and the right to the dividend does not trade
      with the shares of stock. The holder on the record
      date gets to keep a cash dividend.

      The holder
      on the record date does not get to keep the stock
      dividend shares, however. This right transfers to the new

      Hope that helps.

    • For someone who has no interest in ABT you sure seem to spend a lot of time here. On your way to the PFE board why don't you pick up some Viagra too. You can probably use some.

    • is record date to receive any dividends. may 29
      is split date. if
      you own any shares after may 1,
      you simply do not recieve
      any dividends. you WILL
      still get twice as many shares after
      may 29.

    • The stock split is for holders of record on May
      1st? I don't understand this wording. How is this
      different from other stock splits? If I bought 1 share at
      $74 on May 15th and the price stays the same until
      the end of May, shouldn't I own 2 shares at $37 at
      the beginning of trading on June 1st?

      It's the
      wording regarding holders of record as of May 1st that
      has me confused. Thanks for the lesson and help.

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