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  • tradingday tradingday Jun 15, 1998 3:14 PM Flag

    lots of information about Abbott Laborat

    lots of information about Abbott Laboratories

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    • I don't think asia is going to be such a great
      problem. If I remember right, ABT only generates about 2%
      of its revenues from Asia. While I know they view it
      as a great growth area, I think it bodes well for
      them not to be too dependent on Asia. But it will add
      a lot of upside when the asian cycle reverses and
      they can get that high growth back.

      remains there are few companies in the market better than
      ABT for a long term strategy.

    • The only way ABT is going to go down is if a
      broker the likes of Merryl Lynch or DeanWitter/Morgan
      Stanley downgrades the sector or their is a general
      market decline. This stock is solid and if either of the
      two events I mention were to occur ABT would suffer
      the relativily less deep correction. The fundamentals
      of this stock are strong.

    • Carter--you are a big inmature baby, got no
      class. Temper, temper. Altratech means to laugh at you
      if Abbott goes down, afterall who dares to really
      harass you--you got the gun! Did you shoot the African
      American in New York freeway simple because he "harassed"
      you for washing your car window? Lighten up, be cool.
      And one more thing, you will be a big loser soon with
      this stock--that I totally agree with Altratech.

    • I agree that sometimes we can learn from negative
      remarks, but I'm puzzled about the motive for one person's
      nonstop grinding on this stock. ABT is down a little
      today and could very well drop more in the next couple
      of weeks. However, I have held ABT for 22 years and
      have no intention of selling it for a while yet. Over
      the past few years I have used several sources for
      monitoring this stock. ABT's fundamentals have been, and
      continue to be, solid.

    • What about freedom of speech with no threat of bodily harm???????

    • Harassment will not be tolerated here. I am in
      law enforcement. And in my line of work that will get
      you anywhere from 45 days to 2 years depending on
      which state I get you from.

      So harass all you
      like. You posted it. Just remember I can find you
      through many Federal avenues.

    • You will be the first one I will come to harass.

    • Negative remarks are welcome, all this guy seems
      to post is negative... But if you look back at his
      posts all he seems to write is negative. If it is so
      bad he should dedicate some energy to something he

    • Why is it that people always get mad when someone
      either sells a stock or just doesn't like it? Lack of
      confidence and/or insecurity on the part of the mad one? I
      just love ABT and agree with the turtle analogy
      totally but couldn't care less what someone says or
      thinks. Really, we can learn something from the negative
      remarks at times, correct?

    • Come on, now, you don't really think this is
      EFFORT, do you?
      It's a big game to me; a new hobby.
      Sitting at the computer all day long until CNBC is over;
      then on to genealogy and emailing friends. (dinner
      too, of course.) Then tv at night. Now, that's lazy!!
      Actually, I'm learning through numerous failures. Latest
      strategy: copy my mother in law's investments (the cheaper
      ones, at first). Now, that is working! I figured HER'S
      wouldn't fail so I'd try that! First mistake: consulting a
      broker and paying that awful commission. Campbell's
      Soup?? Ick!

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