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  • Kazz_Modawn Kazz_Modawn Jun 30, 1999 4:08 PM Flag

    market orders at close!!!

    anyone follow the last few trades at close today.
    very impressive.
    ya, with so much spam, why even
    post. longterm holders, tell me where you post and i`ll
    join. i`ve had numerous articles to post but why, spam
    rules yahoo now.

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    • I lived Chgo area, watched ABT grow for 40 years.
      moved away, but still visit area. Always enjoy seeing
      all the happy faces of the stockholders on the way to
      and from work. They know ABT. If in the area drive by
      and check it all out. Hold on to this, I know I will.

    • ABT is an excellent buy- and you indicate you
      like its historic performance (not an indication of
      future growth) and did some research- so why the fear of
      a single earnings report- and a sale so soon after
      buying?? These stocks are best as long term holdings. To
      go in and out too soon- you pay top tax dollar- and
      if you are downside- you lose capital- both bad.

      This stock is not an instant money-maker- but should
      give you good steady returns. It may?? be slightly
      overvalued at this price- but a few years out- you should be
      very happy- (my opinion). Hope this helps.

    • Your right it's not a pure Biotech play. I guess
      I should have listed the reasons to be encouraged
      about Abbott as well.

      My main purpose of only
      listing concerns was to reply to a earlier post from
      someone wanting to know the pitfalls of this stock, if

      In general, I think this is a good stock to own long
      term. They pay a nice consistant dividend and they are
      very diverse as you said. I think their recent
      deficiencies in some areas have been made up in others.
      Definately not a daytrading stock, however not a bad stock
      to buy options on. Scale of 1 to 10, I give ABT an

      Good to have some nonspamming dialog on this board for
      a change.


    • I have held this stock many years and have been
      duly rewarded both in price appreciation and in annual
      dividend increases. Abbott is not a biotech stock as you
      have labeled it. It is not a pharmaceutical pure play
      either like Pfizer either. It is a diversified health
      care manufacturing company that makes hospital
      equipment, diagnostic tests, nutritional products as well as
      pharmaceuticals. Abbott's drug pipeline has been weak and I feel
      that the Alza purchase will help remedy this as well
      as strategic alliances that Abbott has entered into
      with other smaller companies. Abbott is a supreme
      marketer of products and will be able to market these new
      products etter than smaller companies. Another promising
      future product is Uptima, a drug for erectile
      disfunction that can be taken by persons with heart problems
      that cannot take Viagra.

      In down markets,
      Abbott generally does not decrease as much as the pure
      pharmaceuticals, but in up markets it has not tended to perform as
      well. Contrary to you, I am optimistic about Abbott if
      past performance is any indication of future success.

    • If you want to earn money hold on to your stock
      for the long term. This is a solid company. Check the
      share price vs time graph. Solid over the long haul. If
      you want to day trade find a different stock.

    • My wife and I used to buy simulac for
      $3/container. Now we buy same size container of Carnation brand
      for $2/container.

      Abbott used to research,
      develope and discover. Now they're playing follow the

      Unproven new CEO. What is the new guys claim to fame,
      besides putting in his time? What has he done take Abbott
      to the next level. He needs to prove himself. It may
      take a little time.

      Finally, the stock has been
      stagnant lately along with other Biotechs. Who knows when
      this slump will end.

    • I'm new to ABT but I checked the insider trading.
      Alot of the big guys are exercising their options and
      holding rather than selling. This is usually good news.
      No trades since April and those only a small percent
      of the holdings.

      What's your take on this?

    • MRK and PFE are also down from their highs. In
      fact Pfizer is down 25% (ABT only 17.5%). This share
      price decline is mainly due to sector rotation by
      institutional investors. I don't believe it has anything to do
      with a perceived earnings shortfall. Hold on to Abbott
      for the long term.

    • I'm a new investor to ABT and I'm alittle
      concerned regarding this stocks downward movement over the
      last two months. When I review the historical
      performance of ABT and look at the ratios etc., it looks to
      be an excellent buy within the drug sector and
      may-be even undervalued. However since I'm new at this
      game I'm looking for some help from the board--is the
      reason for ABT's recent decline because they are going
      to miss their estimate? Should I sell my shares
      before they announce later this week or hang-in?
      help "pro/or/con will be most helpful.

    • They don't understand the concept of a discount
      rate. I only briefly looked at what they said, but the
      fact that they said they used the same discount rate
      for ABT as they did for PFE tells me immediately that
      they are clueless. I wouldn't be surprised if they use
      the same discount rate for internet stocks.

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