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  • shareidea shareidea Sep 27, 1999 12:34 AM Flag

    ABT share

    Just examine the drung sector in the past week.
    JNJ dropped from $103 to $90. ABT dropped to $40 from
    $45. In general, drung sector all dropped about the
    same. I am not worrying ABT in particular

    Anyone knows when ABT will make the announcement of the
    quarterly earning ?

    Does anyone know of the drug
    sector rotation ?

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    • It's a big jungle but I like to swing in this

      You are right, ABT will hit 36 soon enough. The
      problem is that when it hits 36 it's lost all support and
      will continue to fall. That's right. Count on it. I
      haven't steered you wrong in the past and I'm telling you
      truth now.

      For people that have been long for a
      long time, hold on. For those of you who think they
      want to buy now...wait. That's right, you'll be able
      to buy at lower levels.

    • why dont you take your crap some whereelse and
      leave this board.
      there are many jungles out there,
      why here??
      you just giving headache to every one
      but nothing else.
      i am very long in abt with a
      huge my opinion earnings this quarter
      will be short...and we will see around
      36.. But be
      back to 50 by the middle of next year..
      i just hope
      that i am wrong..
      good luck to all longs. Go abt..

    • You are right. I don't have to come here and
      post. There was so little of that going on when I
      didn't, but that is another story. Anyway, I don't have
      to come here and say anything because ABT goes down
      all on its own. Thank you very much!

    • You are right. You are the smart one. 15 per
      share, huh? You know you didn't make that $25 until you
      actually sell. That's right. You have to sell the shares
      to make the money. You're in for the long term,
      though. Right? Even a long term guy like you isn't buying
      at this level. You know this stock is going down
      more. That's right, say it isn't so.

    • RESEARCH ALERT- Boston Scientific started
      FRANCISCO, Sept 24 (Reuters) - BancBoston Robertson Stephens
      said on Friday that analyst Wade King began coverage
      of Boston Scientific Corp. (NYSE:BSX - news) with a
      ``buy'' rating.

    • Once again, I have heard that Abbott is putting
      alot of resources, funding and expectations into
      project "Voyager 3". What is this? Anyone have an idea on
      this. Was informed at a trade show that this is a big
      one for them. Manufacturing is to take place in
      Puerto Rico.

    • Why answer to monkey dozen,he just raises your blood pressure.

      If you ignore, he WILL go away.

      40 SUPPORT AND HOLDING. Your short ranting and
      raving on this board are unappreciated. What do you
      expect to accomplish here? You must not have a brain to
      short a stock like ABT. Get real. You are not going to
      affect the stock price regardless of how much time you
      spend here badmouthing ABT.

    • I just looked at the chart, and from when I
      averaged in in 1995 at $15 a share, this stock has just
      plummeted! I mean, who would have thought it would go down
      to $40 a share! I mean, that is almost a loss of
      -$25 per share! Wow! I'd better get out while I

      I think what happened here is you meant to post on
      AOL, not ABT.

    • Hold? Have you looked at a chart? This thing is falling and fast. Feel sorry for you.

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