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  • monkeydozen monkeydozen Sep 29, 1999 9:59 AM Flag

    Sell while you still can

    Sell while you still can. It's only down 3 1/2 so far.

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    • You missed my point.
      Okay, so you are in the
      IRA. My tax example is wrong, fine. I stand
      Global inflation will never get out of control? You
      don't know that. But that's a seperate argument, just
      remember lots of people said gold would never go
      Pay attention, the house is $525,000. It might be a
      piece of crap but the land is worth much. Sorry if you
      don't own property. You can always dream of buying some
      when you sell your ABT shares in 25 years.
      point is that ABT is turning. Bring up a long term
      chart. Just because it's up 350% in the last ten years
      doesn't mean it will continue. Did you know that for the
      last five years ABT is underperforming the S&P 500?
      That's right. Five years of underperforming the index,
      nothing to brag about.
      Hey, I'm not talking about
      WAG. I think WAG is a good stock to be in. Your WAG
      position will probably make up for your ABT position.

      So, dude, here is to your ABT underperforming the S&P
      500. Anybody that bought 10 years ago is doing okay.
      All of you holding for 5 years or less aren't doing
      too well. I'll drink to that!

    • but why would anyone with a block of ABT be
      talked into selling by chat on this board? There are
      better resources. Anyway, the long terms with
      significant stock have it in trusts for their kids or are
      using the dividends and care squat about short term
      dips or peaks. Not much to scare except small early

    • Get a clue dude. Inflation is running 3% in it's
      worst year. It's a global economy now and inflation is
      never gonna get out of control again - the Fed won't
      let it. So let's say 3% is the average inflation for
      the next 25 years. That means $1.6 million in 25
      years will be worth about $1 million in today's terms.
      My $9 million will be worth approximately $5.6
      million in today's terms. You really are a complete
      dumbass. As far as taxes goes - there are none. Both of
      those stocks were rolled over into a Roth IRA last
      year. I've already paid the tax on the gains and the
      rest is tax-free. So here's to the $500 bucks you'll
      make on your 50 share short. My garage will be worth
      more than that $250,000 piece of crap you live in
      today - all thanks to ABT.

    • No matter how many times you say it, it's still not true.

      Actually if I was an employee I might know more about the company than just reading the chart.

    • ...on behalf of all the level headed people who use this site for it's intended purpose. We applaud you ! ::standing up... clap clap clap::

    • <EOM>

    • There are posters that are paid by hedge funds
      that are short stocks to constantly bash on the stock
      all day. No way to know for sure about this guy but
      he follows the pattern. All day long on the same
      stock. He either has no job, or this is his job. Better
      to not respond to him.

    • Anyone who bought and held at any time this year is losing. Too bad, too. The rest of the market is doing pretty well.

      We broke yesterday's low. This is gonna get UGLY!!!

    • All the examples I've heard are "I bought at 4.5
      ten years ago" and "I bought years ago for an average
      price of 6". I didn't hear anyone say they have bought
      more. One fool said they buy more every year yet their
      average price somehow stays at 4.5. Interesting. I love
      how you all can only defend this stock by saying
      "well, it's gone up in the past". I say "It's going down
      now, and it's gonna go down more". You might not like
      it and you'll like it even less when I'm right.

    • Monkey old top. you should realize that buying
      abt monthly like many of us do over the years has
      created an incredibly huge pile of money for us. these
      ups and downs allow us to accululate more at this
      lower price. Like I have said before, abt returns over
      20% annually in the 15 years I have been buying. we
      have seen this kinda thing before, it does not mean
      that we will not be rich. and that is all there is to
      it really.

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