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  • smiyoliley smiyoliley Sep 30, 1999 10:11 PM Flag


    not a great day for the abbott lab just a slower day then
    usual shouldn't be long fopr a turn around

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    • What would people do if I said these thing to
      their face? What have I said that is so insulting?
      Nothing. Don't take it too personally that your stock is
      in the toilet. It was a bad call on the part of
      anyone who tied up their money in this stock for the
      last five years. I guess you would like to channel
      that energy my way since you are powerless to take it
      out on the Abbott management.
      So, yes. I laugh in
      your face and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

    • You sure post a lot. I'm sure you are quite
      impressed with your posts and how smart you are. I'll bet
      you are a Renaissance man too.

      To what end are
      you posting all of these messages, and being so
      insulting to people that would probably kick your ass if
      you said some of the things to their faces which you

      Please go back to the OTC boards. You will find much
      better company there whom are equally insulting, self
      serving and chicken shit.

    • So your ABT has retuned some 350% in 10 years,
      correct? So you expect it to continue right? It's a lock
      you say. Future growth is the same as historical.
      Shouldn't you buy Cisco, then? Let's see, CSCO has returned
      45,000% in ten years. Using your logic, it's a lock that
      it will continue to do the same. Dell returned
      50,000%, Microsoft 8,000%, Intel 3,500%, Applied
      Matterials, 4,500%, America Online 42,000% (although that's
      only 8 years back) in those same ten years. Using your
      logic everyone should invest in those high return
      stocks, right? Why settle for 350% in ten years? Unless
      you are happy to settle for less.

    • Bartbj is a lier. Probably has no position over 100 shares in ABT. hahahahaha
      You showed your true colors, loser.

    • hear no evil...
      speak no evil...
      see no evil..:^)

    • I never shorted Merck you idiot. Yeah, I LIED. I
      just wanted you to admit you got out of your position
      you moron. I don't short stocks - too much risk , too
      little reward.
      Besides, even if I did short Merck do
      you think I'd be pissin' in my pants over a 1 day
      gain? I'm not day-trading these freakin' giant drug
      stocks. Just like I'm indifferent about the fact that ABT
      is up 1/2 since I bought at $36.50. Sure I'd rather
      go up than down after a buy, but in the long-run
      it's not important. What is important is that ABT
      returns an average of 15% for the next 25 years. That my
      foolish Monkeyman is a lock.

    • I'm sorry but I'm not Dr. Fungwhatever and I'm
      not Chowy Amanda. I'm the monkeydozen, damn it! Too
      hard to beleive there might be more than one person
      down on this stock?

      I do like how you wished
      luck to the ABT longs. You'll need it. I suggest snake
      charming, rubbing Buddah's belly, crossing your fingers,
      throwing a penny in a fountain, killing a sheep, blowing
      up a building (in praise of allah and ABT shares) or
      some other meaningless rutual. Tried it all? Damn, ABT
      shares are still underperforming. Wonder why. I guess
      luck has nothing to do with it.

    • ABT closed up, true. Is that a bullish sign? Hell
      no! You see, there was money moving into the sector
      and a little of that helped ABT maintain that level
      you are calling support. Is it really support? I love
      how people on this forum called 39 support. You
      should look up the definition of the word and look at a
      chart. There is nothing to suggest that 37 is any kind
      of support level.
      The problem with your theory
      is that Abbott is having some serious run ins with
      the FDA. That kind of uncertainty has some people
      scared enough to drive the stock down. Someone here said
      that it's fear driving the stock down. Hello! Of
      course it's fear. You don't want investors to fear the
      future. Will an FDA agreeement cause ABT to jump up three
      points? Not likely. When bad news hits it causes the
      stock to get hit bad and any clarification on that bad
      news doesn't cause the stock to come right back to
      where it was before the bad news hit. It might come
      back 50% of the drop and then sell off a little and
      slowly work it's way back up. Even in a best case
      senario you aren't going to see 40 in October. That best
      case senario includes a closing of the FDA issue which
      is a lot to hope for.
      Time to cover? I think
      not. There will be either some more bad news or
      another downgrade. I'm waiting for that next 10% drop
      before I think about covering.

    • A sucker's rally is when the market makers bid up
      the price of the stock, which entices the small fry
      like all of us to jump on board, thinking a real rally
      is going on... then when they feel they've pushed it
      as far as it goes, they pull out the rug, and start
      dumping huge huge blocks, driving the price even lower
      than from the low at which the "rally" began.

    • Please tell me what a "sucker rally" is. Tx.

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