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  • lalot1 lalot1 Oct 29, 1999 9:15 AM Flag

    UK Antisoma signs cancer deal with

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    • does anyone really expect the board to act. where
      were they. if u look, one mismanaged Quaker, another
      ran Amoco-not stellar, but maybe his skills at
      selling out may help?
      unfortunately, it also needs a
      new board.This board also approved paying Burnham 2
      million dollars as a fee to "have identified Miles as
      I think, abt shareholders should get a refund!

    • Smart investors BUY when others don't want to
      SELL which is where ABT is now. Not my advice, Buffet
      even says he doesn't partake in IPOs as this is when
      the seller wants you to BUY which is why so many
      folks get caught in the IPO downdrafts.

      NOW is
      time to BUY ABT.

    • Thanks once again.

      Incidentally how did
      ABT manage to sweep the FDA site inspection reports
      and Out of Compliance notices under the rug for such
      a long time.

      Is ABT a standalone or has it
      any take over potential.?

    • ABT has been bouncing off the support of
      1/2. If it breaks this level, the next old support is
      $35, after that $29. Since the bad news has been out
      for some time the market most likely has discounted
      it and the $36-$37 support will hold. The drug
      sector in general appears to be back in favor, relieving
      some down pressure even on this troubled stock. But
      don't expect dramatic moves up for ABT until into 2000
      when new products come on line and the ripples of the
      FDA action have dissipated. The conflict with FDA is
      very serious and will set ABT back by about a year.
      Sometimes investors get emotional about these setbacks,
      especially if they got in recently and can't wait till 2001
      to recoup. But opportunities to buy low don't come
      with blue skys and great EPS, they come after short
      term setbacks that drive the stock into the ground.
      You can blame everyone but remember, it's the
      stockholder that bought the stock. Do your research, buy and
      hold. If it turns out a loser, sell and move on.

    • and have no regrets. Why stick with this dog when there are other quality pharms around w/o FDA problems? This ain't no bargain here.

    • Thx. Very confusing and volatile in the short term.

      What is the risk at $37.

    • The projected EPS for 2000 is about $1.76. At P/E
      of 22 this = $39/share. If you are short term you
      have lots of time to buy at the bottom. If you want to
      short the stock you probably should have done that when
      it was at $45/share. If you are long, you can buy on
      every small dip through next year. If you are long but
      have too much of this stock, you wait until 2001 to
      sell and diversify. It is likely that approved tests
      will trickle back to market between now and 2001, so
      maybe I'am being conservative on outlook. By 2001,
      however, a number of pharm drugs in pipeline will be out
      including the new anti AIDS and a new anti-bacterial to
      compete with Zithromax. Real double didget growth should
      be evident by 2001.

    • If a buy what is the short term (end of year) and 12 mth target.


    • Thanks Who Cares 1 2 3, for the link to the FDA's
      position on this matter. Very informative. I hope everyone
      here has taken the time to read it. Hopefully, the BOD
      will not only read it, but take action; or maybe
      Gilligan really is at the helm.

    • The Feds are arbitrary and dictatorial. But the
      damage control by ABT since 1993 seems inadequate...this
      despite multiple warnings from FDA. Miles White should be
      held responsible, yet proclaims "all is well". He is a
      clone to Ivester of Coke...big paydays for lousy
      results while on the watch. Hope the Board acts

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