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  • sellhi_2000 sellhi_2000 Dec 20, 1999 11:51 AM Flag

    AZA loss could be good for Abbott

    If Abbott gets bought out I'll do fine. And over
    the 10 years I've bought Abbott (dollar
    cost-averaging), my annualized ROI has well exceeded 15%. It's
    probably more like 20 to 25% if you include dividend
    reinvestments and Abbott's matching stock portions.

    not sure what you mean when you say "some people will
    get really tight haircuts". Are you suggesting I
    could lose my job?

    If so, why would that
    necessarily mean I "wasted 10 years of my life"?

    comment suggests that either:
    a) you resent Abbott
    because your market "timing" strategy with its stock was
    piss poor or...
    b) you sold high, made a profit,
    and get a kick out of the misfortunes of

    If "a", blame yourself, not Abbott. If "b", you've
    got personal problems. See a shrink.

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