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  • tolly56 tolly56 Mar 8, 2000 7:34 PM Flag

    meeting with miles

    i'll be attending a meeting with eveyones favorite, mw. does anyone have intelligent questions that they would like me to ask him?

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    • miles_to_go_before_i_reap miles_to_go_before_i_reap Mar 16, 2000 7:59 PM Flag

      "....there are much bigger companies...."

    • miles_to_go_before_i_reap miles_to_go_before_i_reap Mar 16, 2000 7:52 PM Flag

      "Abbott is no worse than most big corporations today."

    • amen, b4512n
      see my msg 3/16

    • Money will do it. It really plays games with
      people's brains. You fail to mention that the area around
      Abbott is mainly homes where people live and a lot of
      marshlands. Of course it is the biggest around there. You
      forgot to realize that Chicago is the real big town
      around here and there are much bigger companies and
      better companies to work for in and around Chicago. If
      you haven't been around, the Metra is a great way to
      do some of this sightseeing. With 5 bucks you can go
      to Chicago and all around and explore these other
      companies. We all did and got the hell out of


    • because it's one of the best companies to work
      for in this area and getting better. Yes, there are
      employees who are frustrated and leave but I know some who
      left and came back. The pharmaceuticals will come back
      and with better management Abbott will too.

    • money isn't everything. I know a lot of people
      who were so desperate to leave they took huge pay
      cuts for the time being just to get out.

      won't see current employees retiring as millionaires,
      those days are long gone, unless of course you are a
      fat cat at the top.

      They must change their
      culture in order to survive. Look at all of the smug
      companies out there who didn't.

    • I grew up near Abbott Headquarters and saw about
      100 other companies fail and leave a lot of poor
      employees. But having several family members who retired
      from Abbott as millionaires by saving a small amount
      of Abbott stock which over the years multiplied, I
      have faith they will regain their respected status as
      one of the best companies to work for in America!The
      complainers on this board would find fault with any company.

    • to badmouth my company, luckily I don't work at
      Abbott. I understand where you are coming from. After
      working there so many years, they (THE BIG BOYZ) have
      convinced you that Abbott is just like any other company. I
      worked there and work somewhere else now. I am sorry,
      but what they have convinced you about is quite
      wrong. I am really sorry, but anyway maybe the money
      Abbott has can bring some happiness.

      Good luck,
      but the company ain't going anywhere for now. Enjoy
      the rise before the BIG FALL.

      BYE BYE

    • quit bad mouthing Abbott and talk about the stock -- which by the way -- is doing quite well today. Abbott is no worse than most big corporations today.

      Live Abbott live!!!

    • that I was fired, no I was not. Nice try though.
      I left on my own, and actually received a counter
      offer to stay. I have since left other companies for
      better opportunities, but none have been of regretful
      experience like Abbott provided.

      The annual "I am
      Glad I am Not There Anymore" barbecue is at my house
      this year, we had a ball last year. Burned a few
      effigies, had a great time. We may need someone like you to
      refill the toilet paper in the bathrooms.

      As for
      Prozac, keep working there and you will need it,

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