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  • aaaggghhh_2000 aaaggghhh_2000 Mar 17, 2000 11:18 PM Flag

    Thinking about working at Abbott

    Yikes! Looks like Abbott may have an interesting corporate culture. I'm thinking about working there...... Comments? Also, what's up with the FDA problems?

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    • tips, but I already have one I enjoy. Both
      companies I worked for after Abbott showed me that being
      treated like crap is not the status quo.

      obviously missed the point of my posts, which doesn't
      surprise me. I don't give a shit what you are tired of
      hearing, you are going to hear it again and again. If not
      from me, then from others, get used to it.

    • Can anyone tell me about Abbott's
      ownership/licensing rights in ABT-431? I saw what seemed to be
      association with Aventis though most studies are sponsored by
      ABT. ABT doesn't mention it on the web-site or its
      10-k. I'm baffled.

      Thankyou whoever can


    • For the executive & middle management wives:
      verify where and who yo hubbie had lunch with, cuz it
      coulda been with the secretary at the stabbin cabin!
      Man, Abbott is rampant with this stuff, ESPECIALLY at
      the sales meetings. It's a regular Melrose Place!!!
      HA! I know one manager who nailed 4 out of 5
      secretaries! (2 were fired) Yeah man! Whoa-doggie! WHO'S YOUR

    • You should both take your opinions and fat a...s far far away. Neither of you have inside information about the company or stock.

      Go away!

    • company to work for. I worked there for 20 years.
      A lot DOES depend on the management you work under.
      Most of my managers were great. Abbott is working on
      improving some of the benefits that are offered to stay
      competitive with area companies. I say go for it if you have
      the opportunity. Best of luck.

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      • I also retired from Abbott and still do
        consulting for them. I've worked here under 4 different
        CEO's.. thats a long time from Ted Ledder to Miles White,
        and I left (retired)due to losing a political fight
        but I don't sit and WHINE about it. It seems to me
        the people who are WHINING about Abbott management
        had an option of not working there and if they have
        left then SHUT UP and if they are still there QUIT
        tommorow they don't need you anyway. At this point they
        need personell that well help them correct the boat
        and start it moving again.

    • Speaking for myself, I want to hear the news --
      even if it's bad news. That makes me a smarter
      investor -- as you have said many times in the past. My
      complaint about certain people on this board has nothing to
      do with bad news, it's their adolescent

      TO ALL: If you have real news -- good or bad --
      please share it. Thanks.

    • miles_to_go_before_i_reap miles_to_go_before_i_reap Mar 19, 2000 11:36 AM Flag

      to show that your post is correct. You are just
      attacking those who have a different view of Abbott. You do
      not know that they were fired or were poor workers,
      you are just calling them names. I can understand
      that those of you who still have this beaten down
      stock are mad, but why be an immature idiot that does
      not know how to invest his money?

    • You've "been short the last year"? I'll be the
      first to admit I'm not an expert, but if the definition
      of being short is one year, what is the definition
      of long? Not trying to be smart. I just need for you
      to educate me. I might want to give that a whirl.
      Thanks in advance.

    • What in God's name are you talking about? I suppose you may find the culture 'interesting' if you also find rectal exams 'interesting'.

    • I worked for Abbott 31 years and retired two
      years ago at age 55. I found Abbott to be fair to those
      who were willing to put in a good days work and
      rewarded you appropriately. Abbott not only had a pension
      plan but also a 401k plan and a profit sharing plan.
      If you do not perform than you either will not get
      ahead or you may be asked to leave. Probably what has
      happend to a couple of the cry-babies on this board. Good

      • 2 Replies to rbyers1943
      • You sound like one of those oldie parasites on
        the inside. So for 31 years you kissed,
        just to survive there, or were you a good kisser you
        moved up the ladder too. So your 401K plan now a loser,
        how much have you lost in the past few years. By the
        way you didn't complete the, " Probably.."
        supervisor was your uncle or aunt, who also put in 30 years

      • Abbott's problem is the opposite, people who
        don't perform are NOT asked to leave. I wished so many
        times that non-performers had been forced to leave. Old
        farts like you see a good stable company that provided
        them with a nice retirement, more than that was not

        The old culture there isn't going to work with the
        young employees of today. They are looking for more
        than just a paycheck, they are looking to be treated
        with respect and to work in a ethical environment that
        doesn't just kiss the fat cat's asses all day long.
        Ooops, maybe you were one of them. Is your butt still

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