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  • OPE10 OPE10 Apr 12, 2000 1:55 PM Flag

    Need ABT employee (off topic)

    If you are in Morgan Hill.
    I was just at
    westech yesterday and I'm pretty motivated to work for
    I'd just like to get a little inside scoop if you
    Thanks in advance if your there to give me a leg

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    • The debate, basketball, and Abbott Laboratories
      would all be less than what they could be if they were
      free to hire/select who they

      Affirmative action exacerbates, not mitigates, racism.
      Nothing I say will convince you. You're a liberal lost
      cause. So get back to work.

    • Guess I'm confused like everyone else...and I
      HAVE moved, (not from this country...I think it's
      worth fighting for)just not far away as I would like
      to. Anyway, most "Americans" (note I didn't specify a
      race) feel the way I do. Politcal Correctness and the
      thought police keep most from expressing their true
      feelings. I've beat the system by refusing to particpate in
      these doomed social experiments.

      The slugs that
      passed some of these crazy laws have been born rich and
      don't understand the real world. They live in gated
      communities and would never consider sending their children
      to a public school, yet they force integration on
      those who can't afford to pay for their kids education.
      Central High in Little Rock was one of the best schools
      in the nation 45 years ago. Now look at it. LOTS of
      people moved in pursuit of happiness. The WW2 generation
      was right, but they didn't see soon enough the
      country they fought for could ever stab them in the back
      and be a greater threat than the Germans and the

      "Boca"...I'm still confused. From your
      posts, I'll assume you're black, probally a woman. (not
      that I care) If you are, you are competely out of
      touch with your race.

    • Here in Seattle, we have a shortage of unaffordable homes.
      Lots of houses around $450K then prices jump up to $1MM.

    • It seems you are confused, it's you who has been
      complaining about affirmative action in this country, so "If
      you really think it's so bad in this country, why
      don't you and anyone who thinks like you move?"

      This is a great country, in part because it has the
      backbone to admit its faults and try to remedy them.

    • Go buy yourself some ruby slippers, cross your
      fingers, and wish real hard. When reality hits you, don't
      be sad...maybe you can write a song for Barney.

      If you "can't imagine the words African Americans
      should use to decribe the continued daily discrimination
      by the majority in our society" go to Hastings and
      buy a few rap tapes. These role models have no
      problem bitching about their "struggles".

      you really think it's so bad in this country, why
      don't you and anyone who thinks like you move? Do you
      think you're a hostage, and the "majority" benefits by
      selling out their children's opportunites to give
      "minorities" a chance? Life isn't fair...has never been and
      will never be.

      Affirmative Action has
      helped me. I got so sickened by this policy that I
      started working for myself. I refuse to participate in
      this social experiment, but too many people have no
      choice if they have a family and can't send their
      children to a private school and get passed over for
      promotions to comply with the law.

      If ABT
      supports "diversity" to mirror the racial makeup of the
      U.S., It should be a great place to work....Most
      companies that have AA hiring and promotion policies have a
      50/50 racial employment and/or promotion quidelines
      that have to be met in order to keep their government
      tax breaks. White women are almost always passed over
      in favor of "preferred" minorities. The white men
      must play golf of be friends with the boss or they get
      passed over.

      Now for the good news...the
      younger generation doesn't buy the guilt trip the schools
      and media try to force upon them. Affirmative Action
      is on life support. The plug will be pulled soon.

    • Sorry for the misunderstanding--I must be cranky this morning.

    • Retireyoung, you missed the point - my message
      was not defamatory, indeed it was complimentary. I'm
      a strong subscriber to the points of view expressed
      by those radio notables. As I pointed out in my
      followup to sellhi, I only differ on the EXTENT to which
      he (or others) articulate stongly polarized
      positions. Hence my Gray<->Grey


    • There is no difference between not making the
      basketball team and not making the abbott team.
      What if
      the debate team coach had been told that 2 students
      must be black? What if the basketball coach had been
      told that 8 players must be white? What if Abbott is
      told that 13% of its workforce must be

      In regards to your final comment, companies are like
      Athletic teams. We want to see them win. That's why we
      want to hire the best. In the last year, I have hired
      six mexican-americans. Did I hire them because they
      were mexican? No. I also fired two. Did I fire them
      because they were Mexican? No.

      I'm rambling a
      little bit. I have to get back to work.


    • What people often do who cannot defeat the
      message is to defame the messenger. Rush and Laura's
      names are often just put out there as an attempted
      distraction to their message. You got past that attempt very
      quickly. Keep it up!

    • I fail to see how your son failing to make either
      the debate or basketball team is germaine to your
      question. But I can't answer it anyway.

      questions seem rhetorical, but even on that I'm unsure.

      So I'm left with the following data to
      Out of 1400 kids in your son's middle school, about 7
      (I guess-that's usually the size) made the debate
      team, and they're all white. The basketball team, taken
      from the same population, is all black. Is there
      discrimination?, you ask. In the final analysis, you'd have to ask
      the respective coaches and hope they tell you the
      truth. My guess is there wasn't, but I can't look into
      peoples hearts.

      Without any other information,
      the ethnic composition doesn't surprise me. I rely on
      Charles Murray analysis in his book The Bell Curve
      regarding the debate team. ON AVERAGE, whites have higher
      intelligence than blacks. His data also suggest that the
      average IQ of the top 5% smartest blacks is HIGHER than
      the average IQ of the top 5% smartest whites. It's
      too bad there are no blacks on your son's debate
      team. If there was, (and he was selected because he
      truely earned it), he'd probably be one of the best. I
      say it's too bad only because many people look at an
      all white debate team and construe discrimination.
      That inference, in itself, is discriminatory, but
      that's where affirmative action has taken

      Regarding the all black basketball team, I don't think
      anyone cares what its racial composition is. People want
      to see their team win. You'd hope that be true for
      the debate team too.

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