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  • pointcove pointcove May 15, 2000 9:47 PM Flag

    Nice day, more tomorrow

    What a jump today....let's hope what we all know
    gets across to everyone else soon. Abbott has so many
    new products in their established company that it has
    to hit big soon. I am trying to find a sales rep now
    to tell me about their new drug, "The Closer." If we
    don't jump bigtime in the next year, very analyst that
    I have seen will be surprised.

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    • I stand corrected. I especially agree with your last sentence.

    • That they (investment models) are a waste of
      time, is YOUR inference, not mine.

      Nor did I
      assert that anyone suggested they were absolutely
      predictive. I was responding to rongern's response to another
      poster with whom he disagreed. That response, that
      his/her investment model relied on luck, implied that
      only models that don't rely on luck are useful. In
      that instance, only one inference could be

      I used a story to illuminate my displeasure with
      purely mathmatical trend analyses. I never claimed
      people who use them are either a)completely wrong to do
      so or b) destined to always fail.

      However, I
      would assert that even those ostensibly developing
      recommendations on trends alone, at some point, fit facts to
      theories, and when they do engage in a bit of
      self-deception if not outright intellectual dishonesty. Let's
      hope Americans continue to allow the market to weed
      out the true frauds and not let liberals move in with
      self-serving government regulators.

    • Thanks, I think I'll start giving them out as awards to some of these posters.

    • I'm responding to a post from sellhi_2000 in
      which he/she states that all investment models are
      based on luck. The inference is that they are a waste
      of time. I disagree. Investment models are nothing
      more than tools to help make intelligent choices. I
      don't believe anyone suggested they were absolutely
      predictive. In any model the assumption is that the past will
      predict the future. All modelers know they cannot account
      for forces out of their control (interest rate hikes,
      $100 million fines, NASDAQ crash, earnings surprises,
      etc). The models simply provide additional information
      to be considered in an investment decision. But to
      your point, sellhi_2000, it would be silly to rely on
      models as the only source of info.

    • depend on luck. Using past trends, like
      onlyonpaper, et. al., to predict future trends seems silly to
      me, especially when those same types acknowledge the
      influence of "unexpected" external and internal events.

      They (trend analyses) remind me of the science fiction
      trilogy Foundation, by Issac Asimov. The main character
      (was it Harry Seldon?) developed a mathematical model
      in which the future could be predicted with virtual
      certainty. At least it could for a while, but since
      predictability becomes boring, introducing the "unlikely" is
      required to keep reader attention, so Asimov has some
      "mutant" come along to change history. The book's original
      thesis becomes self-defeating, and in the end you're
      left wondering why you even bothered tackling it to
      begin with.

    • No, they still do sell the Magic 8 Ball, but it is much poorer quality and less reliable...

    • I have a new investment model to consider. How
      about taking the advice of some of these posters (I
      can't bear to use the word "investors") and then just
      take a short position? By the way, where do you think
      they get their Magic 8 Balls? I thought they stopped
      selling them years ago.

    • There are several mistakes in your

      FDA regulatory compliance is the law. Compliance
      (following the law) is not a matter of luck. Miles White
      chose not to cooperate with the FDA. The areas of
      non-compliance for the fine were in the Diagnostics Division
      where Miles came from.

      The 18 month "model" you
      are using is not valid. Past breakouts were triggered
      by indetifiable causes that cannot be predicted.
      Examples include the Gulf War, the defeat of Clinton
      health care reform and the decline in intrest rates.
      Your investment model depends on luck.

    • To go,this is just one way to look at when the
      stock has takes a breath.

      What you have to look
      at is when it first has gone over 25 pe, then you
      have to compare to interest rates.

      I would
      tell you that I would love to discuss this with you in

    • isn't sure of what he considers "inappropriate
      behavior". Almost all his posts contain profanity, yet he
      objects to Abbott employees buying clients "table
      dances". Dirty mouth, dirty mind. My guess is he's a royal
      hypocrite in addition to being a royal rat.

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