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  • pershing83 pershing83 Jul 31, 2001 3:03 PM Flag

    Re: hope_has_been_lost

    Gotta, the only Crystal lake I recall is in the
    horror movie? Is that right? Pluto will recall it. FRI 13th?

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    • I like this game! Can I play? Since we're acting like children, I've got one for you: let's concentrate on grammar as well as spelling. For example, Miles may have the "most innovative, brilliant identity on this board", but he still writes with sentence fragements such as "Because it is the most innovative, brilliant identity on this board!"

      q13, heading for the bar after today's gains.

    • I can't speek for everyone Myles, butt to be very honest with you, I don't care that much about spelling... I look at content...

      I thought we covered this several weaks ago...?

      From now on, you may address me as:


      Take it easy Myles...


    • "Myles, since you are such a literary pinnacle, why did you have to use an identity with six words and 5 underscores...?" Because it is the most innovative, brilliant identity on this board! I believe you and the other bozos on this board never miss a chance to make snide remarks about my very few spelling errors!

    • Have'nt herd that one Maky... I will use it, with your permission, of course...


    • I am sorry Myles... I forgot aboute your intense obcession with spelling...

      buf�fa�lo (bf-l)
      n. pl. buffalo or buf�fa�loes or buf�fa�los

      1. Any of several oxlike Old World mammals of the family Bovidae, such as the water buffalo and African buffalo.
      2. The North American bison, Bison bison.
      3. The buffalo fish.
      4. Buffaloe; a derivative in any wc8 story

      Myles, since you are such a literary pinnacle, why did you have to use an identity with six words and 5 underscores...? Less is more Myles...

      What do you think drives the Tech Stocks you invest in...?


    • What the hell is a Buffaloe??? You must be related to Quayle!

    • Good story Pluto... When I was in my early 20's, I flew from Atlanta to New Orleans on an Early Bird Flight... I sat down next to a guy in First Class... (I don't usually fly FC, but it was an emergency trip and FC was all that was available...)

      He had a double of Chevas and promptly asked me if I wanted a drink... I looked at my watch and it was 7:28am, so I told him I would hold off for a while...

      He proceeded to explain that his wife had left him... She could not tolerate his drinking and claimed alcohol kills brain cells...

      That's when he explained the Buffaloe Theory to me...

      Buffaloe travel in herds... The young, strong males lead the herd... They find food, water, and shelter... The middle of the herd follows the strength, and survives...

      Now, the back of the herd consists of slower, weaker Buffaloe... They die from starvation as they pick over whatever is left... They drop off silently as predators creep up from behind...

      After his 4th Chevas, he looked over at me with roadmap eyes and said "Brain Cells are the same young fella..." Alcohol only kills the slower and weaker ones..."

      Anyway, either that guy is dead now, or he is a genious...

      Take it easy,


    • WEB: Your story reminds me of the newyorker flying to west coast to make a speech & didn't have it completed so he was concentrating on getting it done when this beauty sat next to him & started a constant barrage of irrelevant questions like: "Do you like animals?", "What type of clouds are those?" & then asked him:"Do you like pussy cats?" He finally replied in a loud voice:" I SURE DO AND HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME WAS KATZ?" The rest of the flight was uneventful. Check Six!

    • Hey Myles, do you manage people, as in being a "Manager", or participating in any kind of "Managment" activity...?


    • Should have used the word proves instead of belies. In last post.

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