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  • billsthoughts billsthoughts Apr 1, 2010 3:52 PM Flag

    $4.91 price in 2008 when 2007 earnings

    were released on March 28, 2008 and the EPS was $.22 per diluted share and now when the EPS is $.35 a diluted share the price is currently $3.78 a share.

    ABAT is getting punished for improving their EPS by 59% in 2 years while their price declined by 23%. At some point ABAT has got to go up in price.

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    • One thing you,all need to get a hold of...when the game is on and big money talks retailers have to either wait it out,play the game or quit.This comapny is being played BIG BIG TIME and it all started with the PP Oh I am guessing over one year ago.Question now is do they have something to close this short position out FAST or will it willow away?

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      • The good news is that ABAT now has $53M in Cash so I do not think that there will be another PP so that problem is out of the way.

        There would not be a shorting problem either if investors would buy their shares in a Cash account instead of a Margin account. Cash accouts CAN NOT be shorted, Margin accounts can be shorted.

        If every long opened a Cash account and moved their ABAT shares into it within a week there would be a short squeeze that would move this stock up to at least $5 a share or more. I am serious. I moved all of my ABAT shares from my Margin account to a new Cash account so noone is shorting ANY of my ABAT shares. We need every owner to do it though, and then we will see some serious upside in ABAT.

        Did it cost me any money to change to a Cash account? No, I called Scottrade and within 2 or 3 days the Cash Account was opened. In the meantime I could trade in my margin account for those 2 or 3 days if I wished. Why long investors sit on their butts and let shorts dictate what the price of their stock will be each and every day I will never understand. The hedge fund or a large investor that controls ABAT knows what the price will be at the close tomorrow. It is whatever he wants it to be. You can wish and pray all day long but the price will be what the short wants it to be.

        Do not let your broker talk you out of changing to a Cash account. Insist that you want a Cash account because you are sick and tired of your stock investments being manipulated due to shorts. Aren't you damn tired of having shorts control your stocks price and have it go down in value. Do not just sit there and watch the price of ABAT go down. Become empowered and open a Cash account like I did.

      • stock market has become a really sick place

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