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  • UHUH24 UHUH24 Apr 6, 2011 11:40 AM Flag

    call transcript

    "Rubenstein this is Fu"

    "Fu do you know what time it is in New York?

    "I dunno--late?"

    "Very --what do you need, You know this will be an extra charge"

    "Of course, can you throw something together to get us out of this mess? You Hebs all stick together so I figure they will listen to you. They don't trust us Chinease--go figure.
    Make it sound like we didn't do anything. Through in some 'false', 'wrong', 'short seller guy'. You know stuff that will give us some time (to sell)."

    "No problem. I have a stock form where I can fill in the names of your subs. My other Chinese clients are feeling the heat also. I guess they should have got an auditor who actually went to China. By the way, is any of this true?"

    "What do you think? Just get to work. Send me a draft so I can spruce it up a little. By the way I don't want to hear that this got into the New York Times. If it does, I am taking away your million options. I also know some boys in Secaucus they will deal with scum like you."

    "Jez relax. I will take care of it. The stock will up tomorrow. Guaranteed"

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    • "Rubenstein this is Fu. Good job. I liked the whole tone--We screwed up a couple of times but basically we are honest--Right?"

      "Fu--we deliver. I guaranteed the stock would be up. It will take a lot of work to get it back to $3. If you want to dump a few Mill, don't wait too long?"

      "How long?"

      "Two weeks. People in the U.S. are very foregiving"

      "How many options do you want for that?"

      "I think another Mill and $100in Yaun. Keep it in HSBC just in case I need to take a fast trip to China. I'm doing my best but all the things I said about you may not jell and then--you know-- you promised me a management position--maybe lithium line boss. You have a lot of young girls--Right?"

      "Rubenstein you disgusting pig but I can respect that. BTW I want to go to Las Vegas. Can you get me some show tixs."

      "Sure 100K options for the floor man will do it"

      "No problem, I will email them to you. We make 'em daily"

    • finally someone who is in touch with what really happened

    • very funny but maybe factual

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