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  • olsen3515 olsen3515 Jan 5, 2012 10:51 AM Flag

    Questions to anyone short this stock?


    Please answer the following questions. Where did ABAT come up with 83,000,000.00, yes 83 million to build new production facility? What do you think they will be producing in this facility? Do you believe they will sell their product produced without the use of distributors? If ABAT was a scam don’t you think they would put the 83,000,000.00 into their pockets instead of a facility that your opinion is producing nothing? Please answer these questions honestly.

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    • It is absurd to think that the SEC is going to chase down abat if they suddenly announce a sale to go private with enough shares to make it a foregone conclusion. Nobody will care if it's Fu's Aunt Mingela, or his second cousin Fumanchu that acquired the shares. They will have one less Chinese pink sheet stock to follow. Fu can use an unlimited number of intermediaries to be accumulating shares. After all somebody is buying them every day as the stock stays afloat.

    • Why do they lie? Because these boneheads think people are as stupid as them. When yahoo changed the format these boneheads though it got re listed.

    • <He is slowly buying the stock with the $10 million authorized by the Board.>

      Why do you people keep saying this lie? I have shown you over and over that the SEC considers buyback programs when a company is not current on filings, insider trading on nonpublic information. They cannot buy back shares at this time.

    • <Whether I'm an idiot or not remains to be seen.>

      I think we have our answer.

      How many months or years are you going to wait?

    • I will re-post:
      First I thought to ignore you, but then I had a gnawing feeling. It was because I feel you are a most pernicious fellow.

      I am long and heavily invested here. I believe ABAT is a good investment.

      You however are a barking huckster whose intentions are highly suspect. You try too hard and to my mind you are some sort of sleazy daytrading, imbecile.

      P.S. I just put a buy order in, in spite of your tawdry shenanigans.

    • Whether I'm an idiot or not remains to be seen.

    • Answer this question. Why is abat not protecting shareholder value as the stock sinks? Why can't they use all that cash they claim they have to rout out the shorts with an announced buyback? Worldcom was considered the backbone of the internet with billions in equipment. Enron built a conglomerate around the world. I can go on and on.

      When a company doesn't report honestly and timely they are suspect no matter how many buildings, products and workers they employ.

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      • First off, they announced a buyback last year, we believe it was executed, it may have lead to brief run in the stock, but a month or so later the stock was back at $1.

        Second, let's say they had $75 million in cash on the balance sheet. At $1 per share, they could take the company private. How do you know they are NOT planning this? Furthermore, if they want to take it private, letting the share price drop is beneficial.

        There is really only so much you can do to stop short selling, the primary method of stopping shorts is to create new longs. Until big money wants to buy these shares (which can't really happen while delisted), it's just the day traders and various scattered people buying this stuff.

      • The issues should be worked out soon, the company reported honestly but there are different regulatory agency's that require different guidelines on reporting.

    • gloverdarin Jan 5, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

      All I can say is today it will either be flat or up again. Everyone is holding what they have or buying on the low's.

    • Why would they not do very basic simple things to protect the people who invested in them???????

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