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  • osufishman osufishman May 5, 2012 9:50 AM Flag

    On Monday... ABATs largest customers

    Will be revealed...

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    • Are you driven crazy or crazy driven?
      Are you driven by what people say OR are you crazy driven by an awesome day.

      Are you driven crazy after a big fight OR crazy driven by a long night

      If your driven crazy don't let anything get under your skin.
      And if your crazy driven. It's your time to sin...

    • Anger fills my heart and soul
      Anger takes a mighty toll
      Anger lessens but can never leave
      Anger you hope to never receive,
      Anger stays forever within
      Anger acts with the might of all sin
      Anger is deadly to all around
      Anger gets mad at the thought of sound
      Anger is the thoughts in my head
      Anger that’s mine all should dread
      Anger for me is different from you
      Anger you see tells me what to do
      Anger will sit and whisper in my ear
      Anger he sits and tells me all that you fear,

      He is here
      He’s here to stay
      Anger is the hole
      In which we lay
      Anger is
      And Anger will
      Always be with us

      He is in me, and he is in you
      He can make you do
      What he wants you to
      Anger will make you
      Make you cry
      Anger can make you
      Want to die
      Anger can make you
      Go insane
      Anger….. ... A blood filled rain
      No more anger
      No more…..
      Walk to the bright light
      Shinning through that door…
      Not knowing what’s in store
      But even then
      Anger lives on
      But you… nevermore

    • Plaintiff repeats and realleges each and every allegation contained in the
      foregoing paragraphs as if fully set forth herein.
      68. During the Class Period, the Individual Defendants participated in the operation
      and management of ABAT, and conducted and participated, directly and indirectly, in the
      conduct of ABAT’s business affairs. Because of their senior positions, they knew the adverse
      non-public information about ABAT’s misstatement of income and expenses and false financial
      69. As officers and/or directors of a publicly owned company, the Individual
      Defendants had a duty to disseminate accurate and truthful information with respect to ABAT’s
      financial condition and results of operations, and to correct promptly any public statements
      issued by ABAT which had become materially false or misleading.
      70. Because of their positions of control and authority as senior officers, the
      Individual Defendants were able to, and did, control the contents of the various reports, press
      releases and public filings which ABAT disseminated in the marketplace during the Class Period
      concerning ABAT’s results of operations.

    • bama maybe you should ask them why they have a north american division which the lady claims to be the secretary of, when they sell everything in asia??? also strait out ask her if it is FU's house, they love that question...

      i would also ask her if they plan on staying since the lease is up july this year. or will FU be selling his house to cut his last tie with america...

    • It's called denial. I thought he had a house in Southern California. So that Chinese lady must be his wife. Every time she answers the phone she says they in meeting. The guy always says they're muling going back to NASDAQ. For the last month they have said the something. We have a candidate for CFO once hire it will take two to three months before the company will be able to say anything. We hope the lawsuits are dismissed. 30% of sales come form China and 70% come form the middle eat and Asia. We have no large contracts form the recent bike show.

    • unwired you guys are blind to anything that is shown to you!!

      i was the one who brought you Tim from PR was gone due to abat not paying him.

      i was the one who showed you the new contact number is indeed FU house in queens, hence it is not a abat business number but a vacation house you all are paying 4k per month for!

      i was the one who showed you all a place to independently verify abats production numbers and shipments, yet you all chose to trust joels bullshi... over it!

      hell i can go on and on about what i have shown you all. but you are blind to the real facts!!!

      you don't want information you want some pipe-dream that makes your worthless stock worth something again!!!

    • Yep to the green thing. It's what sold me originally on this technology. But you forgot to mention, many people are on this board because they are lonely, or they need to prove they can be tough.

      I wish this was an information sharing site, but it's become a playground for lonely college kids who like to play king of the mountain.

    • It is very strange how people behave and the reasoning around it .... Some want to rescue people from losing money ... Some want to make money shorting the stock ... Some want to make money because they still believe in CEO .... Some People are still here because sold and are angry .. I can go on here for a while but all in a nutshell we all want to make money ... ... Oh yes forgot the most important one Green Energy!!

    • They this try to get the price up so they can exit. Half of what is said here is BS.

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