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  • osufishman osufishman May 7, 2012 12:25 PM Flag

    ABAT last share offering went for

    2009-10-02 Priced $19.01 mill 4.59 mill shares $4.14

    Think we will get around that amount going private?

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    • "i may just keep my information secret"

      Yes, please do so.
      I can tell you right now, any information you have is meaningless, and does NOTHING for the share price.

      When the COMPANY reports information, then THAT will be meaningful.
      YOUR information - worthless.

    • "maybe keep it limited to me and joels private email list"

      you mean the bagholders union???

    • i think i may just keep my information secret for you to spite you, maybe keep it limited to me and joels private email list

    • Mr Fu, bought an additional 1 million abat shares for $2.85 i believe it was.

    • Correction, that was the last PUBLICLY-announced share offering.
      I would bet, more shares have been issued, since the time ABAT was delisted from NASDAQ and dropped down to the pinksheets.

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      • What makes you believe that?

        Please help us understand.

        I think management has been buying shares with the $10 million authorized. The buying is not over and for this reasom Mr. Fu is not releasing any information. He wants to buy the shares CHEAP.

      • "I would bet, more shares have been issued, since the time ABAT was delisted from NASDAQ and dropped down to the pinksheets."

        The probability of more share issuance = The probability of more share buyback


      • very possible, but extremely hard to say....

        I will say this, ABAT's trend of raising funds through share offerings even with HUGE cash balances on its balance sheet makes me now wonder how they will go forward now that that way of raising funds has been taken away from them.....

        which of course, lends some credence to your point andrew, which is, since they were so used to doing to that way, whats to say they aren't still doing it, but just not letting us know.....which is all the more reason why the SEC might consider suspending trading of this stock to protect(?) shareholders....or at least future investors......

        I have to say, if there is a negative outcome to this, I would not want to be Fu......I know I would never harm another human being no matter how vile a person they are, but....there are many people out there that might not be as discipline as me.....of course, I'm sure Fu has an army of ninjas protecting him, but, have you seen the Transformers movies....all it would take is one of those little robots to stealthily infiltrate the Fu security disquised as a scooter....and the rest would be history....

        come on Fu...time to pony up on this for goodness've had enough fun.....tell us, are the shorts right or wrong on your malefeasance or not???

        At least get it over with, you will put a lot of people out of their misery including yourself if you just MAN UP! :D

    • should of sold...

      now you are a even bigger bag holder...

      should of sold....

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