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  • twist.nrev twist.nrev Jan 10, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    Dear shareholdermeeting @ YAHOO ...

    I have read your request to shareholders to band together in an effort to remove ABAT Board members. The members of the Board are currently in a legal battle with the law firm Pomerantz.

    The Board members goal is to reward shareholders. This statement, directly from the CEO, can be found on the front page of the ZQPT webpage. The best action at this time is to support the Board Of Directors in the effort to close the Pomerantz activity. In doing so ABAT leadership can complete the reward to shareholders. We may be weeks or just days from clearing the obstacle to shareholder reward.

    No, I do not support the removal of Board members. I strongly support the removal of Pomerantz. As this is the blockage to shareholder reward.

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    • Our first priority is to ensure that we shareholders get 'fair value' for our stock - which would be at book value or $3.50+ per share.
      We can assume that non retail investors now have at least 60% of the float. Therefore, I don't want someone offering me $1.50 share.
      Financial reporting etc., is just noise at this stage - it just won't happen! A buyout or privatization will make all this obsolete.
      What will happen shortly is an offer to buyout minority shareholders.
      If we need a shareholder meeting to ensure fair value, then so be it.

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      • I think this should never have left the court. It would have either been tossed out by now or ABAT guilty of 80 million fraud as the plaintiffs maintain.
        Its not rocket science!
        How do you hide $80 million from auditors??
        Or, what evidence do the plaintiffs have - other than V V R anonymous report???

        Let it go back to court and ABAT collect legal fees and then damages.

    • "The members of the Board are currently in a legal battle with the law firm Pomerantz."

      Dear Mr. twist:

      What does this have to do with providing quarterly reports?



    • twist, I understand your point of view, but also think if we can get enough support to shake the cage a bit with a shareholder meeting... get the attention of the company, and MAYBE get at least some statement from the CEO regarding his actions and reasons. I appreciate your positive outlook and contributions on this board. Consider at least joining the discussion for a meeting.
      - just my thoughts,

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      • Hi jf ... Nearly all, if not all, of the allegations being brought against ABAT are false.

        The options for tactical damage by Pomerantz are now few. The best shot remaining for Pomerantz is to personally attack ABAT leadership and turn shareholders against them.

        Shareholders may choose to buy into an effort to coup against the company they own. I support the Board as I feel Pomerantz is in a difficult position at this point in their action against my company. I hold over 200,000 shares and this is my vote:

        YES to ABAT. NO to Pomerantz.

        Never lose sight it was clearly the actions of V V R which damaged shareholders. ABAT has invested two years in defence and recovery effort. The attacking team, although rich on money shorted from investors, is nearly done here. It's time for Pomerantz to just walk away.

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