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  • project2069 project2069 Jan 13, 2013 11:20 PM Flag



    I used to think that Twist was just an ignorant buffoon, in reality he is a stone cold manipulative liar.

    Tonight he was attempting to claim that ABAT had it's grand opening ceremony just a few weeks ago, in December 2012. This is an effort to trick new shareholders or potential shareholders that ABAT has not gone dark.

    It is my sincerest wish that someone, (not me), will knock his teeth right down his throat.

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    • I blame the SEC for allowing all these Chinese companies to list on the exchange with such lose rules and now are tightening them and enforcing the rules after the fact....shame on them and if anyone should be sue its them.....sadly, you can't sue a government agency so shareholders are stuck with.....who knows what...other than the SEC finally cleaning up their mess and imho will suspend this stock shortly for not filing....and then its off to the grey market with it and a long slow death as the remaining shorts who haven't cover wait for the best offers of longs dumping......GLTA....

    • Let's here what the Judge has to say.

      Have a look at my posting history. It goes back several months with pages of statements, dates, and opinions. The date December 2011 is correct on the grand opening of the new battery facility at Dongguan. The important issue here is that it did in fact open. And is in business for 12 months now.

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      • =The important issue here is that it did in fact open. And is in business for 12 months now.

        You just don't get it and you never will. It doesn't matter how many factories they have and how much money they are making. What matters is what will happen to the common shares. THAT is what is important unless you found some way to sell your stories about the company for a profit since you can't sell your shares for a profit.

        You still haven't shown me just ONE Chinese battery company that is thriving now. It is ludicrous you think they are making a lot of money when everybody else is selling product at or below cost in order to have any market share. The battery business changed in the past couple years and you have your head stuck so far up Foo's backside you won't even research this fact.

        Come on, twist... answer this for people. How much debt do they have now? CBAK is losing $20M a quarter selling the same products in the same markets. Tell us why you think ABAT is making money when their competitors are all selling below cost and struggling to keep their doors open? An operating factory does not mean a PROFITABLE factory. I do not know of a single Chinese battery or solar company that is thriving... just show me ONE.

        Anybody who invests in a company with zero institutional ownership does not have what it takes to self-invest. You are a sucker to believe you are smarter and better informed than EVERY money manager in the entire world. You perpetuate the transfer of wealth to sleazy people because you are gullible and believe stories and make up a fantasy outcome instead of looking at facts dispassionately. Just the fact you think the motives of somebody are more important than the facts proves you don't have what it takes to be an investor.

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