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  • anotherlbcbalias anotherlbcbalias Feb 26, 2013 7:53 PM Flag

    jimsutter10 and Pomerantz (Longs sit down before you read this)


    Pomerantz investigating Adams Golf, Inc. (ADGF)
    Pomerantz class action against DryShips, Inc. (DRYS)
    Pomerantz class action against Sino Clean Energy, Inc. (SCEI)
    Pomerantz active case against Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (ABAT.PK)

    What do all these companies have in common?

    jimsutter10 has a history of heavily pumping just 4 stocks:

    Started Company
    1/26/11 Adams Golf, Inc. (ADGF) - Adidas AG (ADS:GR)
    5/20/11 DryShips, Inc. (DRYS)
    6/17/11 Sino Clean Energy, Inc. (SCEI)
    12/3/11 Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (ABAT.PK)


    Pomerantz investigating Adams Golf, Inc. (ADGF)

    Pomerantz is investigating claims on behalf of investors of Adams Golf,

    Inc. (“Adams Golf” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: ADGF) (ISIN: US0062282092)

    concerning the proposed acquisition of Adams Golf by The TaylorMade-adidas

    Golf Company in a cash transaction valued at approximately $70 million.

    The investigation concerns whether the Adams Golf directors are breaching

    their fiduciary duties by failing to adequately shop the Company and

    maximize shareholder value. Under the terms of the agreement, Adams Golf

    shareholders would receive $10.80 in cash per share of Adams Golf common

    stock. However, the price to EBIT and net income multiples are below that

    of comparable transactions.


    Pomerantz class action against DryShips, Inc. (DRYS)

    Class period 12/1/08 to 12/31/10. Lead plaintiff deadline 4/13/12.


    Pomerantz class action against Sino Clean Energy, Inc. (SCEI)

    Class Period 4/6/09 to 5/5/11. Lead plaintiff deadline 7/5/11


    Pomerantz active case against Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (ABAT.PK)

    Pomerantz was appointed Lead Counsel on September 9, 2011 in the class

    action lawsuit against Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (“Advanced

    Battery” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: ABAT) and certain of its officers. The

    class action (11 civ. 2849), pending in the Southern District of New York,

    is on behalf of a class of all persons who purchased Advanced Battery

    securities during the period from November 24, 2008 through and including

    March 29, 2011 (the “Class Period”). The Complaint alleges violations of

    Sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule

    10b-5 promulgated thereunder.

    On March 30, 2011, Varient View Research (“Varient”) published a report

    concluding “that the financial statements and management of ABAT cannot be

    trusted and therefore the stock is worth zero.” Varient claimed, among

    other things, that: (1) the Chairman transferred ownership of ABAT’s key

    subsidiary to himself without explanation or compensation; (2) ABAT leads

    investors to think that it makes cutting-edge electric cars, when in fact

    it produces cheap scooters and bicycles; and (3) several of ABAT’s

    distribution relationships are non-existent.

    On this news, the Company’s shares declined $1.50 per share, or nearly 43%,

    to close on March 30, 2011, at $2.01 per share, on unusually heavy trading


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    • shareholdermeeting Dec 10, 2012
      "First and foremost, do not wrongly accuse people of who I am. I have never posted on this board until yesterday. I didn't even have a yahoo ID until yesterday."

      shareholdermeeting Dec 12, 2012
      "Starting with removing the board of directors. They have not done their job in looking out for shareholders."

      jimsutter10 Dec 16, 2012
      "I am comfortable with my choices and I am comfortable with what I have heard from ABAT."

      jimsutter10 Dec 18, 2012
      "He!! will freeze over before I sell at these prices. I will just hold and let the cards be dealt.
      Follow the new website and you will see the path is being painted right before our eyes."

      jimsutter10 Dec 21, 2012
      "A few things could happen.
      1) F(U) lives up to his promise and the share price goes back to normal
      2) F(U) is trying to take over the company and wants to buy us out as cheap as he can.
      3) it's a complete fraud as some say and we are shafted for everything we have
      There are many reasons to believe that 1 & 2 are correct. But there are arguments that # 3 is our course.
      I go by the fact the company is speaking publicly through Jimmy. That they are building a much more professional web site. Also, I have been been given some VERY legitimate reasons for them to stay quiet during the class action lawsuit."

      jimsutter10 Dec 27, 2012
      "Guess the ten or so longs on this board have finally given into the pain and suffering caused by ABAT. I was going to buy more at $.15, but now I am on board with waiting for the slide to $.05 then I will buy. Why fight it...."

    • jimsutter10 Dec 28, 2012
      "Whichever side of the fence you are on.
      I actually do want this to continue to drop. I reloaded today (a day early). But don't plan on buying until after mid Feb as that is when I expect it will hit bottom."

      jimsutter10 Dec 28, 2012
      (to lbcb) "I think you did ABAT a big favor by helping hold the price down. It will go to $.05 without your help. But go on. I don't care. When it gets to $.05 I will double down. That is a promise."

      shareholdermeeting Dec 29, 2012
      "You own a company that is not reporting and time is coming to force the issue."

      shareholdermeeting Dec 29, 2012
      "Since the announcement of the idea of the shareholder meeting, almost none of the respondents are from the yahoo message board. Yet, we have garnered millions of votes. So apparently, there are a lot of investors who like me, just read the message board and never post."

    • jimsutter10 Dec 29, 2012
      "I prepped myself for an announcement to come soon. I plan to buy more. I believe the price will drop for the next few months. If the lawsuit settles, it is possible that word will come from the company soon thereafter."
      "Here is my take on the situation:
      1. There is a settlement in principle. I have gone through two of these with my old company. They are pretty well set in stone. So we can expect the lawsuit to come to an end soon.
      2. I have done extensive reading and I am quite convinced they do not need to file with the SEC.
      3. I have had numerous conversations with shareholders and others who have brought forth rather convincing arguments as to why they should stay dark during the lawsuit.
      4. As long as there is no word from the company, I believe the price will continue to drop.
      Sometime in the next 45-60 days, I believe the lawsuit will be officially settled and word will come out on PACER. After that, there will be a lot of pressure for the company to provide updates on the business and to get their filings up to date with the SEC. When this happens, we will see a sharp increase in the PPS. If the company goes a another step and provides further validation of its assets, or, a dividend, we will experience a much greater increase in PPS.
      Also, let's not forget the original letter. It could be that F(U) is negotiating the sell of the company (this is not his first rodeo) and with the settlement of the lawsuit, he might just be able to put a deal together."

      jimsutter10 Dec 30, 2012
      "I am convinced that now is not a good time for the shareholders to force an ASM. Too many things are up in the air and things we don't know. Specifically the lawsuit. Hopefully, it will be finalized soon and we the company can move forward."

    • jimsutter10 Jan 8, 2013
      "Good Luck as things pan out in the next few months. Its been a long road for us longs. Longer for some than we will ever know. A lot of blame went on Mr F(U)'s shoulders. I don't agree with all he has done by any means, but we will all find out soon if it was worth it or just a big lie. Hold on to your seat belts, its about to get bumpy."

      shareholdermeeting Jan 10, 2013
      "Were we lied to?
      The only choice of action for Long Loyal shareholders is two things:
      1.) Sell your stock and move on
      2.) If you believe this company to be of real value and the price is squashed from devious short sellers and wish to have the value returned to you, then the only possible action is to put up a fight and call an Annual Shareholder meeting. Each day we get new people on board who are tired of waiting."

      shareholdermeeting Jan 10, 2013
      "There are only two reasons for the company to be "dark"
      1.) They want to buy back shares as cheaply as possible because people don't invest in "Dark" companies.
      2.) They are a fraud"

      shareholdermeeting Jan 11, 2013
      "My whole intention from the beginning has always been to overthrow the board. To overthrow the the management that allows a successful company to go dark.
      Why are they dark. To simply get all the shares on the cheap. To in a sense, rob us from our company."

      shareholdermeeting Jan 11, 2013
      "I have sat back quietly for two years and now 14 months after F(U) said he would "reward" loyal shareholders in the coming months am tired of them being dark. Dark companies are defunct companies that cant pay their bills, I have done my homework everyone. They are using the lawsuit as an excuse to stay dark. I am sorry, I don't agree. They are staying dark to allow our shares to go down in price so that they can buy us back on the cheap."

    • shareholdermeeting Jan 12, 2013
      "No lawsuit allows a company to shirk their legal responsibility to file their periodic reports. They could at least be current and be listed on the OTCBB as a legitimate company.
      But we all know that is not their goal now is it. It is to steal this company right out from underneath us."

      shareholdermeeting Jan 14, 2013
      "They have not lived up to their fiduciary responsibility and us shareholders are forced to pay for it. And I want F(U) removed for that."

      jimsutter10 Jan 14, 2013
      "we all know that the VVR report was full of complete misrepresentations and falsehoods. The lawsuit gets settled, ABAT reports and things will be fine."

      jimsutter10 Jan 16, 2013
      " I bought into the Chinese Sector for long term results. If it pans out, it pans out. Took me three years to hit the home run with Adams Golf. I am patient enough to wait 3 years hear."

      jimsutter10 Jan 19, 2013
      "I think a group of us going out might show F(u) some of us loyal shareholders are truly behind the company. If my communication with jimmy is correct then we are invited out during the Chinese New Year. Any one in?"

      shareholdermeeting Jan 21, 2013
      "You will agree with me and others in time. That is a simple fact. Even FOO removed the board, so apparently he did not have confidence in them. However, that is not his JOB!"

      shareholdermeeting Jan 24, 2013
      "I am ready to take over the Board of Directors. That is my mission."

      jimsutter10 Jan 25, 2013
      "ABAT is on their course to do the right thing. Some of us have done our homework, and believe in our investment. None of us longs believe that the world is perfect and F(U) did everything right. But news is coming in from China and they are doing well and their little tiny electric scooters are going out the door every day. We have eye witnesses to this. The longs had to adapt and become as sophisticated as the short sellers. Yes LBCB, we have people at the factories who are watching everything going on."

    • That's pretty funny. It shows what a large firm Pomerantz is and the hundreds of cases a year they take on. Jim was invested in Adams Golf well before they sold out and Pomerantz began investigating. He even is on record asking a question on a conference call. I was curious and found his background a long time ago when I was wondering if he was a realdunce alias. He checks out. Like I said, I can understand why he felt the need to use a different alias to pursue forcing an ASM. Nothing wrong there. Just come clean, Jim, and good luck. This is the situation the Delaware law was made for and they need to be held accountable and reminded who the owners are.

    • ADGF is a solid company which continues to grow. I don't like DRYS since the news of canceled orders for new transport vessels. SCSI is an interesting stock, but I feel ABAT is a much better China investment.
      Expanded and upgraded facilities at ABAT are verified. Which fullfills the pledge of the Chairman. The Chairman WAS telling the truth when he told investors of his 8 month plan to expand. What products are popular on the World market? Pretty much anything powered by lithium batteries. Are electric scooters popular in the World market? Yes, doing very well in Asia with sales forecasted to increase through 2017. Spain is another hot bed of EV bike sales and expansion as documented on ABAT CONNECTION.

      The YAHOO message board has broken downtown the level of personal attack and false premise bashing. Since December 2012 ABAT has displayed a nice move higher as investors wait for news from Judge Colleen McMahon. Investors need do nothing. I continue to add shares at a modest rate.

      LONG and STRONG on ABAT

      • 1 Reply to twist.nrev
      • twisty... your DD skills are pathetic:

        =ADGF is a solid company which continues to grow.

        They sold out. There is no ADGF anymore.

        =I don't like DRYS since the news of canceled orders for new transport vessels.

        LOL... there is a lot more going on with them than that.

        =SCSI is an interesting stock,

        It is SCEI and there is nothing interesting about them. They are a proven fraud and Jim is trying to make some money on a pump & dump with them.

        =ABAT is a much better China investment.

        ABAT is not an investment. It is a long-shot gamble and not a very good one at that.

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