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  • wirelesstechchen wirelesstechchen Oct 19, 2013 2:41 AM Flag

    The questions for KC79 and twist

    I know both of you are strong longs. We all know ABAT has great value since the company raised more than $100 million cash from US market and the company bought a lot of the land and built many offices these years. Now the company's market cap is only $17 million. I believe Alex visited the company and talked to CEO before. Did you ever talk to the management before? Can we communicate with the CEO and make sure the company to file all the financial reports to SEC right after the lawsuit? Do you have any channels which we can talk to him and express our ideas to him. Thanks.

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    • "...the company bought a lot of the land and built many offices these years."

      Are you referring to the "new" (it's been a couple of years) factory? I believe they lease not own. Call (F)(U)'s kid up. He should know.

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      • hitman, yes. in china nobody or company own lands. All the land are leased from the goverments from 55 years to 75 years, but you don't pay tax on them. The land they leased is equal to own in China since nobody own it. When the lease matual, I think the policy will change by changing tax instead of leasing I guess. For example, now you can freely buy a house in china, but you don't own the land. The land which leased will expire 55 or 75 years. You know the house in china is going higher and higher which is because the leased land price are going higher and higher.

    • WirelessChen,
      Two INDIRECT ways to contact ABAT’s CEO Fou,

      1. Call Hong Kong and convey your thoughts and best wishes. Dial 011 (to exit the U.S.), then dial 852-27890488, or in full from the U.S. 011-852-27890488. 852 is Hong Kong's "country code". And, please remember the Hong Kong office has a 12 hour time difference from the U.S.’s east coast and ABAT's Hong Kong office therefore does not keep east coast business hours. ABAT runs a business and they need to keep the Hong Kong line open for primarily sales and vendor related calls, but - - -

      2. Call ABAT Spain, 011-34 965 286 624, where 34 is Spain's country code. Alicante Spain has something like a 6 hour time difference from New York. For example, 9AM N.Y. time would be 3PM Alicante time. Try to talk to ABAT Connection’s President Lorenzo Castejón and convince him to speak to Fou. It’s difficult to believe Fou and Castejón do not meet or communicate or exchange ideas or at least have ideas exchanged by subordinates(such as a committee and or engineering group and or steering committee for example) on some periodic basis/bases.

      Filing SEC reports is one thing, working to develop the Americas(North and South) is another - but not necessarily unrelated. Having a validly listed company on a U.S. exchange would definitely help develop or accelerate sales opportunities in the Americas.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Good afternoon kc ... The last time contact information was provided here in this forum short concerns made an interesting statement. They openly stated they would bombard ABAT using names of longs. Just to let you know. They also egged investors to complain to ABAT and to bring legal action against them. The desired result is to tie up resources and delay normalcy. Earlier this year ABAT traded at $.30 when a major shareholder was convinced by short concerns to sell. Several longs were able to buy enough to prevent a major loss in value. I added the entire 10 days.

        There is a sinister game being played here with ABAT attempting to regain normalcy. Negative principles carry a revenge agenda to prevent normalcy. November is sure to be laced with caustic and venom.

        What is normalcy? Have a look at the first 7 months of 2011. ABAT had provided guidance and several construction updates. ABAT initiated a buy-back in mid July. ABAT attended trade shows and began the ABAT Connection process in Spain. The key now is taking small safe steps with as little drag on the effort as possible. Once major buying kicks in I expect a turbo effect of price rise, news, price rise, news. And finally the return of institutions to break out over $2.

        Normalcy = Value
        Short agenda = Delay

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hi wireless ... " Do you have any channels which we can talk to him and express our ideas to him."

      I do not talk with management I talk with sales people who's job it is to communicate with the public. You can contact ABAT representation and express your ideas. ABAT representation is as much a player as is ABAT Board of Directors. You may also request a company tour which has gone well with several other shareholders. Have a good day.

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      • Thanks kc and twist, looks like it will be hard to get hold of him in near future. Currently, I haved 80k shares, I will buy 20k more before 12/2013. As you know, many of the Chinese company stock price (even some reverse merged) has come back recently after two years of short attacks and accounting scandal. The companies survived will be stronger in future. Unfortunately, ABAT is compliance with SEC right now. Otherwise, I am sure it will run up already. Well, we all know ABAT has a lot assets including shorts knew that. The questions everybody has is whether the CEO is ethical or not. Longs hope CEO is ethical and will try to make the company compilance again, but shorts do not believe that. As a long, I kind of believing in him since the CEO made many times of claims to take care of the shareholders. I hope I would have opportunity to talk to him in future.

    • Dear Sirs,

      You need luck with that. They know you concerns. You concerns not important. They have plan. They enacting big plan which take time. They not caring about your cable bill and your 10,000 share investment. They caring about their company, workers and society.

      Hang in there. In 1-3 years, you will be rich in the coming months. Just see web site in Chinese

      Chinese think in 5 year plans. ABAT closely associated with State and military. China has many electric projects.

      Read between lines. Be smart

      Wang PRC

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