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  • bartov00 bartov00 Jan 11, 2007 9:39 AM Flag

    it's a "shortie hurricane"!!

    How ya feeling over there Alcatel? The hurricane blew into your own backyard eh mate?

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    • It looks like ALCATEL is wounded......and it is.....It hurts......oooch......Remember ALI......"Rope a dope"?

      GO SINRISE!!! MY biggest short ever is in the works.....Take her up a little more.....

    • Less than a week ago, he was listing SRZ as a buy, but then he foolishly switched back to the dark side. It must be hard for him to take that the hurricane is in his backyard as you so aptly put it. I hope this is the beginning of our climb back to where we were before the accounting "re-assessment" began.

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      • I hope so as well. These hedge funds have the ability to crush a stock, not only with their war chests of capital, but also with their ability to stir and whip up controversy. They swoop in and make the accounting review sound like something inappropriate is going on and then, when their short positions are no longer working, they get some fund who hold a miniscule amount of the stock to gripe about option trades. All smoke and mirrors so they can make the stock go down and exit with a profit.

        While I'm sure Alcatel will come back and brag about how much money they've made, the fact is they picked a company that really is a gem. These guys care about what they do, not just to build a business, but to provide seniors with exceptional living in their later years. My guess is they've been executing behind the scenes just like they have over the past several years and we will see strong numbers in growth and cash accumulation when the quarters report in April. Then all of the selling pressure and apprehension to buy will dissipate and we should rise. My two cents anyway.