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  • jesep48 jesep48 Dec 28, 2008 5:08 AM Flag

    You might not get the chance to see the dip again!

    I believe we are headed to a new support level. Volume like I have stated is so important! I have always believed that when a stock has been beaten down (SRZ) look for a 50% increase on daily average volume like we had on Friday. If volume becomes a factor this is when your big boys are ready to play! This also triggers the MM, he will have to move the stock higher. Remember now is not the time for example; I will sell at $1.80 and jump back in when it dips again. You might not get the chance to see the dip again. Also this stock like I have posted is largely held via Insiders and Instutions a small float is out. very important. Not one of these people are selling. News is close MM, TIME TO MOVE THE STOCK HIGHER......

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    • Looks that way. Also, all the bad news has been factored in the stock...

    • samsaz Dec 28, 2008 11:15 AM Flag

      when is 4Qtr result out, does it affect

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      Could have not said it better!!

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      • 4 hour diffenece r u in alaska

      • thanks hope this all works but if it does long term charts suggest a substantial recovery. the 4000 new residents they were striving for should not have toppled this company and sadly for srz , from what I am seeing there may be a nationwide bailout of mortgages even 200 billion for construction types....srz would likly qualify as they serve 52000 residents now..just when they get this unwound the massive print will make them want to expand again as the service is needed if we dont slide into a cant have a recession with a 2 trillion deficit. once the banks start to lend this traslates into 38 trillion plus the rest of the world doing the looking for 18,000 for the dow. see what nice things i say when you sing to me.

    • also the smart money pays up to shake or drive the small timer out of his stock. you have what is called 'position' now and if smart will not get shaken out on either rises or drops even if you feel you can see them coming. the reason is only a professional has the discipline to pay higher after selling. so if you are a small player and are in why not just leave this stock alone and see if they can get back to their historic prices . if you do you will get over a 1000% RETURN WHICH IS A LOT BETTER THAN A SMALL QUICK PROFIT.... dont lose your position can average up and trade against a position but dont lose your low price and low cost stock.

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      • Sunhsinekathy34:

        You are one smart lady and your advice should be seriously considered by all here. Losing a cheap position at this point to take a profit would be the greatest of all mistakes. Those cheap shares (under $1.00) could really catapult an investor many, many times over as they offer tremendous leverage to the upside. Those ultra cheap shares are priceless assuming CEO Mark Ordan can do his magic with SRZ and I'm holding on to mine with a very tight fist.

        Cheers and good investing,

    • Also remember an insider can not buy there company's stock based on material information that's not available to the general public. We all know Information is do out soon, but the recent Stock options and grants are a different story! Completly legal and I look at it as Positive News coming out, with Insider options and grants prior to NEWS...