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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Feb 5, 2009 12:45 PM Flag

    RT: A Few Comments And Then Back To My Hole

    As chatboarder Ruppertkenny mentioned this morning, SRZ is not going to pop to the upside until we get some positive news on a complete re-fi program. Those of you who seem to think this stock should be performing better at this point are simply dreamers. I believe one negative that we have going which may account for the current share price slump is the fact that 13 mutual funds recently decided to dump and go elsewhere. currently reports 191 funds own this stock. About a week ago, that number was 204. That fact in itself does not bother me too much. That would be an entirely different story if we were to see wholesale dumping by this group but I don't see that happening.

    I continue to believe as does Ruppertkenny that a complete re-fi package will ultimately surface - - - but that may take more time than many of you here are willing to put into this stock. Its pretty obvious the vast majority of our chatboarders here "want to have it now". The key to this one is simply going to be old fashioned patience, patience and more patience. Establish and develop your position for the long term when pricing is ultra cheap and sit and wait for your investment to mature. There is no other way unless you want to be a day trader and from my standpoint, that manner of investing is simply too risk oriented.

    As many of you know, my very elderly father is a resident at one of the Sunrise facilities in the Seattle area. I found out recently that they are currently operating at full capacity and there is a waiting list for those that want to enter their assisted living as well as Dementia/Alzheimer's care units. From that angle and just looking at this one propety, SRZ seems to be doing quite well and that's with a decidely weak economic brackground in the Seattle area. Anyone who thinks this outfit is suddently going to blow away is badly mistaken. Keep the faith!!!

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • Thanks RT for your calm reason. What do you think about worries over BAC's troubles affecting this stock?

      It's funny that yahoo shows 16 replies to this thread but I only see 1, I guess must be a bunch of the those on my ignore list you've riled up with your post.

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      • Hi Alice:

        As for BAC and their troubles, its certainly not helping our cause and without doubt its a negative. With that said and in my opinion, new CEO Mark Ordan will likely use other financing options. Its really a shame that BAC, once a very stellar banking institution, has fallen on tough times but I only place the blame on CEO Ken Lewis who simply got too greedy by taking on not only one very sick dog (Countrywide) but also a second one (Merril Lynch). He should have stopped once the Countrywide deal was finalized. And further more, I'm really surprised he overstepped his capabilities because he has always been a very highly regarded executive in the banking business. Okay, now I do need to get back to my hole and simply wait and watch with patience. Meanwhile, good luck to you.

        Cheers and good investing,

      • I agree about the long term perspective, but in my books, $10 by the end of 2009 is still very much get rich quick. Trust me, I am hoping for a nice turn around like that, but I actually see this stock as a five year play. The market will recover from this recession eventually and then the baby boomer retiring. The only real long term risk is that this company doesn't survive this year. Legitimate risk, but long term, this and other health sector / senior care sector companies will greatly grow due to the sheer power of the Malthus curve. An entire generation, accustomed to wealth will demand Sunrise level care and environments. There will be millions of them. And for those of us SRZ'ers holding this company in the darkest of hours will be greatly rewarded years hence. I am dollar cost averaging this stock with purchases every week. Enjoying following the swings, but knowing that the, save a bankruptcy, the true play is to ride this stock slowly back up to its debt-adjusted value before the crash.

    • I can not be to nice, ur still a FRIKING IDIOT!!

    • Now ur getting it!!

    • Correct, hell at $8.95 BV they would have sold long ago before they got into this mess. Then had to call on Orden....and shareholders would not be looking at $1.00 a share price...

    • U had to look that up? LMAO
      U can not judge there book value due to write offs, property sold, NDL, refinancing, etc. etc...Again OLD NEWS!

    • As for the funds that have sold, some funds can not hold there position when the stock price has droped...

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      • Good post. I established my position back in early December, so these prices aren't really scary to me.
        I agree, this is not the "over night dream" most of us thought it would be, but needless to say, it's a solid company that is working through some issues. If you have position, keep it, if not, it could be a good time to establish one, if you think you;ll get rich quick, try again. Mark this post. $10.00 by end of 2009.