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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Mar 19, 2009 11:39 AM Flag

    RT: Last Chance To Obtain Ultra Cheap SRZ Shares

    I believe we are fast approaching your last opportunity to acquire SRZ on an ultra cheap share basis. Once CEO Mark Ordan announces an agreement with the financial institutions that will delay the March 31st default date, you will then watch the shares of this stock escalate quickly to much higher ground and my guess is well above $1.00. If you get caught napping on the wrong side of the tracks, the "SRZ Express" is going to pass you up while you are holding an empty bag - - - and your not going to enjoy that feeling. I've been there on occasion in past years and I can tell you all you are going to want to do is kick yourself in the good old butt. The way I see this situation, the banks are going to extend at least a 1 year moritorium on the default deadline simply because its going to be in their best interest. There is no doubt in my mind that with all the inputs the treasury has now pumped into the national economic situation that we in time will see a easing of credit and a more willing attitude on the part of the banks to extend loans to outfits like SRZ. Meanwhile, SRZ is going to have to show significant progress toward re-structuring so they can show profitability - - - and I think another 12 months will be enough to tip the scales in SRZ's favor. Long term (and even short term), make no mistake about it, folks, the shares of this company will significantly outperform your other investments. Here is wishing you all the best whatever decision you make for yourselves.

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • Excellent! I totally concur.

    • Hi RT (I would have written you a short note, but didn't have the time?)and all...just thought I would "weigh in" after a drought (in SRZ's stock). Each of you who are so confident (and somewhat arrogant) about this company should go on their web site and take note of the number of pages missing from annual reports...if that doesn't tell you to your hearts content. Also, if you want some further context...go back a year or so and read my postings along with Bartov...Bartov...Paul, Tiffany, Tom...where are you...are you drinking your 47 Chandon eating a "filet-o-fish?" Which April? Jeeze!? year ago!
      I hope so as well. These hedge funds have the ability to crush a stock, not only with their war chests of capital, but also with their ability to stir and whip up controversy. They swoop in and make the accounting review sound like something inappropriate is going on and then, when their short positions are no longer working, they get some fund who hold a miniscule amount of the stock to gripe about option trades. All smoke and mirrors so they can make the stock go down and exit with a profit.

      While I'm sure Alcatel will come back and brag about how much money they've made, the fact is they picked a company that really is a gem. These guys care about what they do, not just to build a business, but to provide seniors with exceptional living in their later years. My guess is they've been executing behind the scenes just like they have over the past several years and we will see strong numbers in growth and cash accumulation when the quarters report in April. Then all of the selling pressure and apprehension to buy will dissipate and we should rise. My two cents anyway.

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      • g.harrison:

        That was an interesting post you provided to us this evening. I'm well aware of the manipulation that has consumed the shares of SRZ - - - and for that matter, a lot of other stocks whose name is much more high profile than SRZ- - - GE is but one example. Alcoa is another. The manipulators will have nothing to manipulate once we get solid and very positive news relative to a re-fi because the buyers will simply overwhelm them. In time, I expect volume here to increase well above its current average to something like 5 million or more shares a day. I look for that to happen very soon. With that said, the manipulators on Wall Street have really had a party during these past many months and they have made a ton of money. For the moment, they still carry a sizable stick which can cause wide swings in share pricing as evidenced in the past week when these shares slid down as far as $.28 cents. But with that said, the future will belong to those with "long" (2-5+ year) positions.

        Cheers and good investing,

    • Hope yr right RT

      But when the deal is finally structured, don't be surprised by some heavy dilution to your CS. Debt for equity swaps. Reverse splits. etc.

      Candidate: p15 yesterday's FT. Take a look at the global distressed debt fund Goldman is putting together. Could very well be the shape of things to come. SRZ has a longstanding GS relationship.

      Would pretty limit any huge near term Common upside potential.

    • "Once CEO Mark Ordan announces an agreement with the financial institutions that will delay the March 31st default date,"

      You're putting alot of faith in Ordan. What happen's if he can't get a agreement for new financing or they have to sell some of their assets?
      I'm sitting on a butt-load od SRZ and it's beginning to hurt. LOL

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      • Lom2000:

        Lom, my friend, keep your cool and faith in CEO Mark Ordan's ability to come out of this so all shareholders are smiling broadly. I know the situation at hand is more than intense and I feel the heat too from time to time, however, I'm staying the course because I know there is only one reasonable solution for all involved parties and that is an agreement to delay the default date significantly so as to give Ordan and his team the opportunity to re-struction the entire SRZ organization. If the heat here becomes too intense for you, I'll understand why you elected to exit without a bag full of SRZ shares. Everyones situation is different and each individual needs to assess his or her own risk tolerance. In any event, best of luck to you.

        Cheers and good investing,