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  • puregamble5 puregamble5 Apr 9, 2009 4:04 PM Flag

    RT: We should See A Solid Rise To $1.00/Share Very Soon

    "SRZ was dead until the Treasury department threw them and the banks a lifeline in March. Now they've raised some cash .."

    What do you mean by that? Can you please elaborate on it?

    How did the treasury gave them money?
    When did they raise cash?

    Do you mean that banks survived and took it easy with SRZ and SRZ sold some assets and raised cash.

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    • the treasury is providing 2 trillion to buy sub prime and srz is likly to qualify as it sure is sub prime.. cncb had the gentlemen today have yet to start buying. this is a lifetime opportunity and the money as i see it is on the long side of many securities