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  • sandollor2000 sandollor2000 Oct 7, 2010 4:09 PM Flag

    Up On A Down Day

    is a good sign on higher volume. Even if was only two pennies. Better times are a comming for holders of Sunrise stock!

    sandollor (:-:)

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    • thanks not many situations are so transparent and mark ordan has kept his word on every step he could be trusted to run the country which is in worse shape than srz in some ways ... there will be a company left with 35000 or so residents and the top of the line service .

    • Very frustrating here. All my other stocks are doing better than I could have possibly imagined. The whole market seems like it's up except here.

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      • why dont you just sell it and put the proceeds in one of your winners...turnarounds are slow . if you want action look for higher beta aapl etc

      • Zqueenie:

        No need to get frustrated with the share price action of SRZ. The 3 month chart is a thing of beauty from my perspective. I really feel good about this stock at this point. We have developed very good share price stability since the end of August and its my belief that stability is going to be a platform for higher share pricing in the very short term. You can be sure there is more good news on the way from CEO Mark Ordan and team that will spark the next upward leg - - - and that should lead us into the $5.00-$7.00/share range. This turnaround is coming along very nicely at this point. I have every reason to believe it will be completely successful into the longer term providing we don't get caught in a buyout/takeover in the shorter term - - - and that would not be all bad either for SRZ shareholders. I suggest that you put a smile on your face and make sure you maintain your belief in this outfit because it will eventually put some very nice $$$$$ into your pocket.

        Cheers and good investing,

    • None of those options were at $10.00,if that's what your saying. Most were at 0.01,and Haddock has three others that range from 0.77 to 4.35.

    • RT,

      Thanks for your comments. I have read your other posts about visiting SRZ managed facilities firsthand. Ive worked at a senior retirement facility for just two years. It has been around almost 60+ yrs. In the past year, it has been working to be much more efficiently run in all respects.

      You mentioned about the lack of capacity due to the lack of construction. My employer sees the same need and is currently constructing another large 8 floor retirement facility. The apartments in the new facility are almost all purchased.

    • if only worth 6 why grant options at 10 is that a trick??

    • Yeah and the charts are looking up for those who believe in the technical side. The RSI--Relative strength index is on the rise and we're almost to a Golden cross where the 50 day MA crosses above the 100 day going upward. Nearly always signals a uptrend in prices.

      It was a year ago tomorrow when we had an explosion upward in the price--2.00 rise from the close to the high,then the stock closed at 4.77. In the following days it went way beyond 5.00. All that with the company in a much worse financial situation than it is a year later. Go figure.