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  • scottandthuja Jan 31, 2011 8:11 AM Flag

    Stifel Resumes Coverage!

    Nice to start the week with Stifel upgrade and a price target of $10. Up we go.

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    • Patlizapeyton:

      I'm pleased to see that some of the folks here at our chatboard are no longer thinking that $20.00/share is my pipe dream as it applies to SRZ. With excellent and very sesoned leadership now in place at all levels of management and with vastly improved fundamentals on the horizon, $20.00/share will be a highly achievable target within 12 to 18 months for this stock - - - and if we get extremely lucky, it might even happen sooner. Just like yourself, Patlizapeyton, I'm anticipating that we will see numerous "buy" recommendations of this stock in the days and weeks going forward. Picking up Jim Cramer and now Stiffel Nicholas is a very good start. For those of us that saw this one coming down the pike at a much earlier stage, its only going to get a whole lot better as our journey to the "Promised Land" picks up more and more forward speed. I'm glad that you and some of the other forward vision thinkers at this chatboard have been aboard with me in this ride to $20.00/share. I really feel sorry for some of those poor folks who played the short term trading game when the stock was $2, $3 and $4 per share and now find themselves looking at this stock from the "outside". The only way to play SRZ has been and will continue to be from a "long", "accumulate" and "hold" position. I'll look forward to seeing you and some of our other chatboard friends as we plow ahead in future months and finally find ourselves in the "Promised Land". My very best wishes are extended to you and everyone else in that regard.

      Cheers and good investing,

    • Just the beginning. Look for more analyst coming on board when they realized $20/share is a nice target. Plenty of upside for their clients.

    • A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse...

    • Do you have the link for the upgrade?

    • now you can see why I am a chartist. stifel gave up at the bottom and now buys at 10 times the price. fundamentalists are always late and worse they sell on bad news. this is why I also prefer message boards to bozos in wall street. after good earnings there will be a bunch of 'experts" baah

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      • Yep,they always say don't listen or buy any stock based on what someone online tells you. That's funny because it wasn't some Wall St. genius or even Cramer saying to buy this in late 2008--early 2009,they were saying get out or don't buy. It was those online who kept saying what a DEAL this was at those trampled down prices. Glad I listened to the correct voice.

        Broker idiots and Cramer,wrong once again and now BOTH are saying to buy.