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  • workingtechie workingtechie Mar 1, 2012 11:25 PM Flag

    RT: Get Used To It-I Plan To Be Here For A Long Time

    I still believe that he made a good amount of money trading SRZ and made the mistate of completely exiting from this scrip. He missed the boat because of miscalculating the the share price movement and delayed entering again. The more the price goes up the more he acts frantically hoping against hope to see the price go down to reenter. Instead of enjoying the windfall he made we see a miserable soul in RT trying to manipulate the share price and in the process he is a one man army against the whole market making himself a target of the redicule of many who appreciated his wisdom earlier. I feel sorry for him and would like to remind myself couple of things. Do not sell your position completely and do not wait for the bottom to reenter.