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  • tabecounted tabecounted Dec 2, 2011 12:17 PM Flag

    hamburgers are

    ZLCS creeping up....Well-i know what i'm having for lunch.. This buy-out talk may not be bologna. bada-bing!! Been wanting to try a hardee's steakhouse......

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    • basically agree.....

    • yep-there's hardly a "sure thing" even if a drug looks like it. i've been burned for sure. havea good one, Ranger...

    • Hey guys.. I'm a lurker here for the most part, and a BIG investor in ZLCS. To me, it's all about Synavive. (Additionally, Ca+ channel pain blockers may turn out to be a blockbuster at some point in the future, but who knows).
      I'm also a physician. What people don't talk about much is the potential for OFF-LABEL use of Synavive as well. Steroids are used for many, many diseases. If the Synavive combo of prednisone/dipyridamole works, there's a chance it might work for several other conditions as well in addition to arthritis (IBS, Crohns, Lupus, severe Bronchitis?, etc, etc).
      Can you imagine that???? If a patient needs a steroid, why WOULDN'T any doctor prescribe Synavive over prednisone for lots of problems if one gets similar effectiveness with perhaps only half of the dreaded side effects? We're talking about the potential as one of the TOP 10-20 drugs prescribed annually here....
      The fact that this very real scenario could play out, and also that, if Synavive proves effective, FDA approval is quite likely (since each drug in the combo is already approved), makes ZLCS a potential home run.
      In my case, my average buy-in is at $1.15-1.20. I'm not in this for perhaps a nice pop to $2 or $3.. I'm hoping for much bigger....

      I have a lot of biotech companies in my portfolio, especially many with "potentially" important cancer drugs for select groups of patients. But, as I see it, these are the best "potential" blockbuster, billion++ dollar gambles that I see out there right now (with perhaps the exception of the Hepatitis C products, which I'm not invested in) in order of potential:

      1) Synavive
      2) Perifosine (aezs, kerx)
      3) Libigel (bpax)

      If only one of the 3 drugs above pans out, I'll do fine.... that's all I'm asking for, LOL!!!
      FWIW, at its current price point especially, ZLCS I think has the best risk/reward ratio of the above. AEZS second.

    • I would just like to say that I appreciate the dialog in this thread. This is what a message board is for. If we could get rid of the crap we would all be better of. Thanks guys.


    • Tab: If you check charter you will see that a buyout is next to impossible without management complicity. I'm betting that they would want no part of it.
      All this buyout talk is folks grasping at straws or someone wants to start a hype cycle.
      I normally say JMHO but this is not opinion its fact. They need to read the charter and compare it to the shares outstanding and who owns the command positions. And then stop the hyping.
      Jim Long and calm

    • Stick with the dollar menu for now.....