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  • ranger43a ranger43a Feb 24, 2012 4:38 PM Flag


    Probably still not too late to buy some. This thing went from $10 to $22 this week, but prob. will go to $50+, maybe more-- if bought out.

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    • Let us hope that when they made it illegal for congress to engage in insider trading (...I know, I know....), they made the same restriction on the people at the FDA - one of the most corrupt organizations in this country.

      The FDA is a political puppet that acts with impunity - to the harm of not only the health concerns of its citizens, but to the great harm of any stockholder in any pharmaceutical company.

    • james.seymore Feb 26, 2012 12:46 AM Flag

      I'm going to play it with June $4 calls. If the results are positive then I like the upside & if its negative then I'll load up on the dip.

      THLD's got one of the most versatile drugs I've ever seen. If you make a killing on KERX then throw a few dollars on that one.

    • I've decided to go for broke with perifosine. There are so many articles about it's potential effectiveness as adjunctive therapy in so many cancers. Its multiple myeloma data has been great in earlier trials. It can't all be coincidence. This may turn out to be one of the most important and versatile cancer drugs in a long time. So I'm all in.... Plus, as a bonus, KERX has zerenex around the corner, which has a very likelihood of success, so KERX should bounce back even if perifosine is a failure.

    • james.seymore Feb 25, 2012 5:30 PM Flag

      Rang, I've spent alot of time this weekend reviewing perifosine. Thats a tough one. The clinical results look good, but the sample size is ridiculously small.

    • You too. I' m not really worried about my position in ZLCS. It's treading water, not much downside risk here ...
      What keeps me on edge at this time is my large KERX position. Their perifosine ph 3 trial is nearing completion. The big moment is nearing. You're talking about a potential 5- bagger (or more) gain here or maybe instead a 75% loss .