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  • stockdaug stockdaug Mar 16, 2012 12:42 PM Flag

    Big Move Coming as...

    The Zalicus story will be put back in front of the investment community and retailers begin to move back at these bargain prices.

    The chart looks great, and you can expect great things because I see double-digit percent moves in the share price.


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    • I don't care if the share price increases due to fundamentals or from pumping it up. I have other investments I want to make and need to see some price movement here very soon. Daug is psychotic, plain and simple.


    • daug,

      No offense intended but you lost all credibility with your flip flops. Last month you were chiding Zalicus for shutting down Vancouver ops while this month it is a good idea. Surely you haven't forgot claiming that Corrigan was of Mitt Romney's Bain Capital ilk and claiming solidarity with 18 Canadian employees that lost their job.

      Listen here, I actually agreed with lots of your reasoning for leaving ZLCS last year because of global financial issues. Those problems have not gone away and there will be a day of reckoning with the Euro and our own currency. I am only staying in stocks long enough to make big money and leave.

      AT THIS TIME, you tend to Agree with Jim and other longs that this is a good bet to make money. Lets get along, share information, speculate our theories, and go make some money!

    • SD so other than the pumpers are ready to play with this one, what is the catalyst? trial data? partnership announcement? revenue increase? Debt reduction? I am like you in the little biotechs to make money so if it is nothing more that pumpers and SA articles coming to pump it help others by acknowledging that so they may benefit from it as well and know when to dump.

      And for those of you that think it is wrong to ride a stock only to make money wake the !@#$ up what are you investing/trading for in the first place because you REALLY care about the company? Sure on some level but your end hope is to make money. I own a healthy position in Apple and respect the company but if they went tits up tomorrow do you think i would feel bad for the company or for the fact i lost money?

    • "Funny Fins, funny! Hahahaha!"

      .....actually ,Daug, it really was funny.

      Actually, I just completed my full analysis of where Zalicus stands including checking with an analyst who covers Zalicus.

      .....who da' analyst, Mike Murphy?

      "I use to dream of owning the kind of share count Alan has, but now I can stop dreaming."

      ......dam, Daug! you sound like you gonna pucker up! you know jus' when ta' exercise that unctuous, slippery charm, huh?

      "There's a lot of positive news going on 1H 2012 at Zalicus and all we need now is for market sentiment to shift in our favor. I see that happening, and I see the technicals aligning like the stars."

      ...stars like so many fleas.

      "Day-traders will get an easy 10% getting in now... mid-termers 30-50%... a year holder 100% plus... Zalicus has turned a corner at its corporate headquarters."

      ....HA HA HA HA HA! that's my ni66ah, yeah! you be pushin' product an' pimpin' stock better 'an th' oiliest used car salesman on th' strip! leavein' no stone unturned!

      - BASE

    • Why just pump? Please give us facts or intelligent opinions or theories? Why do you think we will see a share price increase? Do you know something or are you just pumping?

      I believe we will see a monster run up if there's not a global economic meltdown because pipeline is deep. ZLCS doesn't have to hit on everything just one or two items. Also, unlike most on this board, Synavive and Exalgo still excite me. A 32 mg Exalgo could be a cash cow for a few years if COV still pays 100% royalties on the 32mg and 50% royalty on other doses.