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  • jxgx46 jxgx46 Jan 4, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    Let's relax with all the hype

    Let's get real, the big upward push this morning was the result of articles, tweets, and e-mail blasts from bloggers who are now just putting out the latest news on Z160. Day traders jumped on board this morning looking to make .10-.15 per share, and real followers who have been long since the .50-.60 level were smart to sell into this hype after all the stock is up 25-30% since Wednesday. All I'm saying is let the market "BREATH" and if the day traders sell us down to low .70's high .60's and you truely believe in Z, look at it as a buying opportunity.The old timers that have been here awhile know what it is like to be burned on the hype talk (TTMA) just to get burned time and time again GLTA

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    • JXG --- TTMA, TTM. you have to find the humor in the post by us ZBA'ers. TTMA is not hype talk it is tounge n cheek humor, for those of us long suffering and yet to be rewarded bagholders. pps so to hit a gazillion dollars ---- woot, now that's the way to start off the year. On a serious note --- I'm surprised we did not test .71 for a brief moment this AM, maybe the patterns are changing for the better of the ZBA'ers. PS TTMA in a green speedo.

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      • You are right Slug, TTMA probably wasn't the best hype example to use but I think you get my drift. When I look at the charts going back to early September after SYN fiasco they look great but the past 3 days have been straight up. A little pull back to reload or add on is good and if we can take out the .90 level above then I'll feel more comfortable grabbing a tall Kettle and Soda. I just don't want to get burned again after all it was just last month we had the run up before conference only to get slammed when nothing was said. It's funny all the die hard longs ever wanted when we trading in .50's was to get into .70's or .80's and now that we are here, Mr. Greed takes over. I guess it's human nature. Have a nice weekend GLTA

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    • Jx-I was right on .80--at least short-term---that press release was real bullish..I know the history of Z-even with good me a clueless bagholder (hehaw)---but somehow I think it may be different this time..Just an opinion-but maybe my luck is changing...Eh, Faks?????

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      • Yep, nice call Tab. I'm just sittin' back getting a kick out this latest bunch of pom-pom wavers. I'm still holding but with my finger on the trigger for a flip if it can't hold .80.

      • Tab- Congrats on the call you were definatly right on target and I view your opinion more creditable than most. I truely hope you are right about this press release being different this time because it would be hard to take another disappointing set back. The only problem I have is, if this is really legit why are we still trading at these low levels. We can't even get back 50% of the loss we suffered from SYN. I did sell in the low .80's this morning but have plenty more if I don't get the break to low .70's. Got all my orders in place and will leave for a little while so I won't get #$%$ off at every tic, either up or down. GLTA

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