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  • ujunior Jan 16, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    ZLCS Shareholders vs. James Stocklaser - An individual...

    I think we need to get together and collect money from each person who had enough of daug's non-sense. I propose $5000 each so we can put together enough funds to start litigation against daug. I am very serious, there is evidence of unjust enrichment, selling ahead, promoting article for self gain, communication with John Doe, ahead of article to allow connection(s) to laser to profit from pending so called article. Yesterday, sell off end of day was not by accident, was some form of communication sent by daug to certain individuals who sold ahead of his pending article. there is absoluately NO reason for this PPS action today, other than daug's trick to manipulate the PPS for his own self benefit(s). Since the SEC will not act, I think we should get together, get litigation going and supoena this guy for deposition and supoena his records. He has caused financial harms to us shareholder(s), all for benefit of self and unjust enrichment.

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    • If the entire financial journalist community can go from massively positive to complete bearishness in a matter of a month, in Apple shares, and the SEC, DOJ sits by watching billions upon billions of dollars evaporate, anyone think people care about a company with. 45 employees, ZLCS. I bought into the hype and I no longer read any garbage site like Seeking Alpha, Wall Street Cheat Sheet, Mötley Fool, NY Times and lastly the king of spewing sewage, CNBC.

      The markets are so far gone and Greed prevails over justice. Sad but true.

      Hopefully Feb 5 brings some positive facts going forward as all the well written commentary is total rubbish as these guys would did up their dead grandma if they knew she had a dollar in her pocket.

    • Gents!!! Get a grip. Lasar can write whatever he wants. Freedom of speech with a disclaimer. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourselves. You are men. ACT LIKE IT. Then, lets have a real discussion about Z160 and where it can take us or not. What we are looking for are real results from Corrigan et al. Lasar provides entertainment along the way. If you follow him for your investing, you probably need to see a doctor that specializes in neurological disorders.

    • What makes you think an attorney is the answer to taking out the Laser? IMO, attorneys, (I am one-a cop before that) so I know dung when I smell it. The Laser can flim flam all he wants and if someone buys his baloney, like I did once and am still holding the losses, then so much for being felony stupid.

    • I think Zalicus should start litigation against Daug. Just like Galena did to Propthink, and forced Propthink to drop the damage article.


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