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  • famoustankersley famoustankersley Feb 13, 2013 12:59 AM Flag

    Way OT: I challenge anyone to have a more crazy week than I

    Here it goes:
    Selling a house, buying a house, remodeling new house, and move all in 2 weeks.

    Wedding of my eldest daughter. paid for it, planned it, ordered DJ, Caterer, plates, decorations, etc. and sent them on honeymoon. Plus I danced all night and my fog machines set off fire alarms at a school. Next morning, wife and I cleaned church and reception hall plus returned all the tuxedos. I think a pulpit weighs 300 pounds or so and it is really not fun to carry by yourself. Church pews were heavy as well but I could manage. Dropped Pulpit on my foot and it is now black.

    Car accident today with wife and 4 youngest kids and myself. I never wear seatbelt and am 100% fine. Wife wears hers and is hurt and refused ambulance ride? Will be visiting Doctors tomorrow.

    My Favorite: Day before the wedding detective calls and informs me that he needs to talk with one of my daughters about this HS coach who just was fired for molesting a 14 year old at school needs to talk with one of my daughters about this coach. 10 Police detectives and 8 squad cars finally convince me to let him live long enough to go to jail. I manage to get to his house first because cops are stupid enough to think I would tell them what car I was driving. Drove right by them while on the phone with them begging me to turn around and think. Did manage to give one of my best lines ever........... Prison will really suck for this guy. I can guarantee it.

    I am moving to new office this week but that's simple and easy.

    Two of my largest clients just announced major reorganizations with 50% reductions in workforce this week! One is firing 100% and hiring back 50%. The other is just cutting around 50%! I will have all new point of contacts and both clients have kicked around expanding my area to 3 states instead of my present area of just the entire state of Oklahoma because I do such "Good Work.".

    Another job is going to Arbitration this week because insurance carrier refuses to pay me in full on a 500k job. I had to find an appraiser and select a licensed mediator.

    I finished a 24k job last summer and finally got a check back from Mortgage company yesterday for $3,600? #$%$. They decided to release a small percentage on a completed job from 6 months ago. The Mortgage Company is my Bank. It gets better: My bank hassles me on their check made out to me because they didn't like the way I endorsed it?

    You all know about Carnival Cruise Lines? One of those ships was the one that had the bedbugs. My youngest daughter nearly went to ER and had 3 doctors visit. Scars on the face and hands. Trip was a disaster. Attorney has been working on it this week after Carnival refused to simply refund my cruise tickets. Ship was literally about to fall apart. No surprise on the other ship. Trust me.

    Running a company that is literally growing faster than I can handle. Fired an employee for embezzlement last week. No remorse. He got me for 10k. Laughing my butt off when I saw his mugshot for DUI in the paper yesterday. Karma????

    ZALICUS SHARES CAN'T gain traction to put the icing on the cake. I literally want to fly to Cambridge and show them how to give a presentation and issue a PR. If they would invest just a few thousands in PR, this would be a $5 stock right now. ZLCS is supposed to buy me the retirement house on the beach. I tried retirement in my early 30's and it didn't work out so well but now I am ready!!!

    Beat my week; I challenge you.

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