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  • vcppaddler vcppaddler Mar 12, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    I'm selling tomorrow.

    I'll take a look at the price tomorrow but I've waited long enough! I'm outta here if we don't get some movement.


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    • desertblizzard Mar 12, 2013 8:20 PM Flag

      The PPS has held up better than I would have otherwise given it credit after two days of serious premarket bear raids. Curious what tomorrow morning brings. I'm starting to get nervous myself but will hang in here for a bit longer. I have a feeling something good is going to come from Z994. Not sure where the advantage is for management to hold up bad news with where the PPS is now and them already conceeding to being listed on the capital market. They must be under NDA. I'm SPECULATING...

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    • Paddler--are you gonna buy MNKD right away, or wait for it to pull back some?
      It's always tough decisi

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      • Hey VC and Ranger, I've been following you guys for some time. Thanks for the tip on MNKD. I got in on Monday; I think it is poised for trading through August. Checked the calls and there is solid interest there. Let me toss MACK back at you guys although the volume is very light. I'm going to probably option trade that one for awhile. I like the volume on MNKD so again i appreciate it. THLD is one I am monitoring a bit.

        I bought KERX and sold that one too early in the high 2s. I figured my 70% profit was enough for a long term swing trade. Congrats if you got out in the 9s. I also did well on YMI. My dog is AEZS as I got suckered into the Peri deal but now that one is pretty much on the back burner. NBIX is solid but the volume is light as the institutions hold a huge piece of that pie. There are a few others I'll toss at you as time goes by.

      • ....decision when chasing a rising stock.

    • Selling at such low price may not be a good idea. We have been waiting so long, the news will coming soon. The PPS will go up!

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      • Ranger, to your question no, I will not buy right away but MNKD should pull back soon. I missed the early bus, I won't miss it again. I used to own tens of thousands of shares so I need to rebuild my position. If I thought there was any upward movement soon in "Z" I would hang tough. I don't see that, all I see is downside. I have had it! Time to give myself a tax loss and start making money! There will be North of 40K shares up for grabs tomorrow, buy them if you want.