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  • desertblizzard Mar 14, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    This bull market.

    So the market is roaring becaus the Fed prints money and companies hold on to their cash raising the bottom line and people can better plan around the sad mistake called Obamacare. So with all the excitement people pull their money out of their speculation holdings to find holdings in equities that are screaming during the run up. It's a market where you can't loose. We had one of these in 2008, but I digress.

    Meanwhile, ZLCS stays flat. Why? No news, fear, whatever your reason. But somehow with all the people relocating and building the bubble, ZLCS continues to trade sideways in a clear range and the longer this happens the more time we get to buy at these unreasonable prices. Fine by me. I'm investing in Z160. So please. Continue to sell your shares. I'll be buying them up. In the end if I lose, I lose. If I win, well, either way you won't be hearing back from me after then.

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    • F yea!
      I am still waiting on Big Red.
      I have to keep my word and eat some crow for Jim and foul mouthed, mean spirited old Junior.
      But Big Red will return boys. Just stay long and calm.
      Z160 hopefully works, but I doubt the patients will fully appreciate it because it does not come with the high of opioids. It will just seem simply like more good days than bad, and only unblinding will tell the tale. Very interesting to think about. We have never had a pain med like this except Prialt
      Conus magus on my friends.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy