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  • tabecounted1 tabecounted1 Mar 22, 2013 2:02 PM Flag


    We'd be dropping occasionally some longs from the Zalicus mix.....Knowing this company and their total indifference to really selling their product--it makes sense that many-if not most would lose their patience.
    I understand that--I'm not a real patient person.

    But in the case with Zalicus-I'm gonna ride it out--unless I see a problem with the ION future..
    Slug coined it---ZBA (Zalicus Bagholder's Association)--on we go---Bashers-bring your best-ain't nothing we haven't heard or felt.......
    Batter up...............................

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Tab, well said, I am going to stay with Zalicus for their ICBs. It is near the end of 1Q. So news imminent !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Clapton style --- slow hand... or maybe I'm thinking of the wrong guy. I feel like "Lili von Shtupp" from Blazzing Saddles sometimes --- "I'm Tired, so tired" of how hard it is to dig up real information on Z. But, I've ordered a new ZBA active member pin with diamonds and emeralds for when an Ion hit. Thinking about a "dreamsicle orange" speedo for the Z944 news release. To all you folk out there thinking about joining ZBA --- please do, we need the dues! ;-)

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      • Tab -- I think you have to be born with Pride and a sense of humor.... just not something that can be taught. Heard a great St. Patty's day joke but I think Y would ban me for life it I posted it in its vernacular. So the cleaned up version--- Two Irish men are sitting at a bar and one says to another, I heard of a bar in town you can drink for free and at the end of the night get a little something, something. The other Irish mans asks, where did you hear about a place like that, it sounds great? The 1st says -- my sister told me about it.

      • I like that pin-diamonds and emeralds... Slug- i think its a club where, sadly, some of our members take no pride in!! That's ok-hit us with a nice progress-and the heads will perk and the clouds will lift!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I would like to add .... Z likes Mondays for news releases (good or bad). I figure the Bear, JR and the legal beagle must want the weekend to #$%$ it up if it is good or drink till they drop if it is bad. If your head hurts like a nut in a vise Monday morning, the pps getting hammered on bad news is not in the fore front of you thoughts, but on good news it sure makes the hang over go away quickly. Not sure about what GN does?