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  • tabecounted1 tabecounted1 Mar 25, 2013 2:59 PM Flag


    Hear ye, Chumps-where goest thou pps?
    2013---I know there's something good somewhere....Jim, Ranger, Slug-what'd u guys do to Garrett??

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    • Why don't you guys play a little Three Card Monte while you're at it.

    • Tab: Gar: Just bailed, sounds like he'll be watching and getting back in when he is comfortable with Z..
      A lot of folks are responding to the lack of info, volume and movement for the wrong reasons.
      When I got into Z it was beause of the ICB's, I never thought Pred or SYN would be big deals. They could be nice but not big. I didn't know what to make of cHTS but Slugger got me paying attention and I now think it could be a methodical growing business, I'd guess we'll be the owners of an other company in the future that will be the cHTS spin off, that would be a long time from now.
      I also made up my mind that I wasn't going to flinch over the price f the stock, I would only start looking at bailing if management did something stupid, that the ICB's started showing signs of not living up to expectations and that Z got too many irons in the fire without the cash to support it. None of those thing have taken place so I'm content to go with plan A.
      Most folks aren't fortunate enough to stay calm as they are in beyond their means others are looking for an instant big hitter and then will go looking for another.
      I still view this as a once in a decade event and I'm not going anywhere.
      Jim Long and cam

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Garrett saw the writting on the wall ... Volume has dried up and it is no fun to trade (or that is MO, on his running away arms waving like a flag in a micro burst). not that I blame him. pps for 2013 -- up or down but odds are not .6694 on 12/31/13... wish I knew. I have an unpopular view of the short term pps so I will keep it to my self. Have a nice weekend Tab?

    • this is the last week of the first quarter...I thought I read somewhere that 944 updates would be out before then. Or was "around the end of the first quarter"?

    • all smart bagholders are gone,,,,take the loss,,,buy ARNA make it all back