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  • scistats scistats Mar 26, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Delist truck backing up.

    Dr. Gallen once said neurological drugs stand a one percent chance. Now, that percentage of success increases exponentially with every phase passed. Jason speculates that Z160 currently has a 20 percent chance. If it passes phase 2 with no adverse side effects and efficacy, the chance of success would be closer to eighty percent going forward. Why so many longs dropped out at this point can be discussed later. Big pharma has agreed to entertain a partnership with a strong showing in phase two and the plan to navigate the delist has been spelled out by Justin. Legally, and documented. I always thought Corrigan came in complements of Gallen and Hunter to return past favors by letting him retire on the Exalgo 40M. He has, and he will win no matter what. Putting this aside, I think he wants Z160 success as much as Terry and the rest of us. He was methodical with the bioavailability studies, and I think he has earned his paycheck for this and maintaining cHTS. Alexis continues to carry a significant legacy at Zalicus. We need the cHTS cash, and Prednisporin should logically get picked up sooner or later. Maybe not with the current terms, but it will move forward. The exciting part of the story now is that it is coming down entirely to Z160 with some bets that one could get in low on a delisting. I suspect many of the old longs are betting on a re-entry during delisting. We could dip to as low as 40 during this time. A time to load up, or a time to miss the boat, but be sure that management is poised to load. One Bill Hunter swiped up many Angiotech shares below 50 back in the day.

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    • FYI,

      There's a reason why 5mg is the lowest normal prednisone dose prescribed!! I really do not get why Corrigan tried to be so cute with his dosages???

    • Sci/Daug/James/Whatever,

      We can actually agree on Synavive. There is value there but trial design was terrible IMO. I would really like to see a synavive 5mg prednisone that may be equivalent to a 10-15 mg prednisone dose. That's where the synergy becomes most effective. Zalicus et. al tried to be cute and went ultra low dose on the prednisone!!! They were on the low end of the synergy/dose response curve and in addition had a very subjective trial design.

      This Synavive on Steroids(pun intended) would have tremendous marketing opportunities worldwide!!!

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      • Or simply Scistats here. I agree Famoustankersley, Synavive may still have a future if they (or someone else) corrects the dosage. Keep in mind however who Synavive would displace and Corrigan's place among Big Pharma. One does not get to his position by stepping on toes, and Synavive was poised to step on some pretty big toes. Keep this in mind. Synavive went out in mob-like fashion. She was shot quickly between the eyes and her body dumped at sea after Corrigan confirmed it was her. They wanted Biscuit dead, and that's exactly what happened. The favor will be returned later I am sure.

        Lets see what happens with Z160. There are already big plans by many to load on the NASDAQ delisting/relisting as Justin spelled out. One could get caught in the cross fire though. Some old longs are wearing cammo buried deep in the bushes with their faces painted black with night vision on. Its about to get nasty as the feeding frenzy begins and management has already established insider grounds for feeding at will. Look out!

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