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  • famoustankersley famoustankersley Mar 27, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    OT Politics: What's the big deal over "equality of Marriage"

    Am I the only one out there that sees this slippery slope? Can anyone else foresee the other lawsuits? I saw a report where the FLDS members are chomping at the bit. What about friends/girlfriends/etc? Will we have to change the definition of Marriage? Will it be between 2 consenting adults of legal age of American Citizenship? Do states still have the right to define or cities or tribes or other countries? What if a man marries a woman in Saudi Arabia and a man in the US? What if a Saudi Man brings 3 wives to the states? Can a woman be married to more than one man? What about a man marries two sisters? Will marriage be exclusive and limited to only one other person? Our property laws could change? Will there be different phases of marriage? This is my phase 1 wife? So many problems to solve......

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    • Stankey.
      you need to keep your eye on the ball. I think u r bal sheet. So, sooner boomers raced to get property of the American Indians or Mexico (re: Pres Polk) and that is OKdookee? I still like your genetic material, but if you want to deal with fire, use gas. What do you think of American #$%$ Party? NRA? Baptists? Catholics? Muslims? I love them all, even though they are anti podal to the same sex, free loadin' scamers (black, white, pink polka doted peeps)?. Opposite's bring a very strange balance, same as weapons. Don't drive yourself crazy, f m all.

    • It's a classic case of the majority asserting their will over a minority. That's why we have a constitution-- to protect individual's rights over the will of the majority....whether it's a gun-owner, a gay person,etc.
      If not, why not just have the majority rule?
      I am strongly in favor of gay marriage-- but, yes, the word "marriage" is what bothers a lot of people.

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      • Ranger,

        I strongly oppose gay marriage but like everyone else could care less about civil unions. I really don't care who my neighbor sleeps with as long as it isn't my wife or family. LOL. The problem with the word marriage and it's semantics is that it has a deeply religious meaning and definition. To be blunt, homosexuals can NEVER be married to each other in a biblical or religious sense by definition. That's where the whole GAY marriage debate becomes silly: Who is the husband? Who is the wife? ETC. You see our faith has very gender specific roles for these people. In addition people of faith consider Marriage to be a blood covenant which is the highest form of covenant. I will not even vote for a person who has been divorced. They broke a sacred covenant according to my faith. That's the folly of the Divorced Republican candidates that court my vote in the name of morality and family values.

        I really don't have a problem with two homosexuals walking down the street. I can acknowledge that they are a couple and even love each other. I believe government should protect these people just as they would protect any one else from crimes or violence. I would not wish violence or harm on them nor is it my place to condemn. If they were my neighbors, I would help them in danger of violence, fire, natural disasters, etc. However, I should not be forced to accept their love for each other as a marriage and they should not have the same moral/social standing as I. Someone should also not be forced to employ them, house them, or celebrate them. Freedom means you can't have it both ways.

    • 430ee185c31294caa7050325cf7579b9 430ee185c31294caa7050325cf7579b9 Mar 27, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

      If there are no standards, why have them? These are the type of things that happens in civil societies that destroy said society. You can argue that this has already happened and is why it's being debated in the highest courts now. 5 people to dictate how we will live. The breakdown is happening/happened. It's up to you how you deal with the loss of the civil society.

    • I'd love to see them divorce the word marriage from it all (no pun intended). If you remove religion it's only a matter of finances/politics. Tax filing status, who gets your benefits at work, who inherits your assets when you die and what (if any) taxes are levied on the transfer, who can authorize a surgery for you at the hospital or pull the plug on you, etc. From that standpoint, it's really a "civil union" regardless of whether you want that person to be a man or woman. My opinion is every union should be processed as a "civil union" from the government standpoint and you work it out with your church if you want to get "married." Of course, that's JMHO

    • Book by a guy named Last' "What to Expect When No One's Expecting: America's Coming Demographic Disaster" interesting read...... heard an interview yeserday on the radio and paged through it last night.

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      • Coming???? It's already here. Illegal immigration is the only thing sustaining the economy right now. I am so sick of the bs that there's not any jobs spewed by the media. There's no WORKERS.

        I have looked forever and asked everybody I know to take over a crew for me. I Finally got my daughter and son-in-law to do it after years of asking. Requirement is a Drivers License, ability to Speak ENGLISH, and work LONG Hours. Pay is $250 to $500 per day depending on production!!!!!! Would you believe I couldn't find a person to do the job? No physical labor. Take pictures and make sure paperwork is order. Work from my truck and make sure workers have food and water. Make a trip to the landfill before it closes and run materials as needed with my truck and gas. I buy Lunch for everyone everyday!

        Every American man had some excuse as to why he couldn't do the job from felonies, no Drivers License, on disability and needed paid under the table, unable to work Saturdays real common, unable to work more than 8 hours, unable to sit on jobsite all day, etc. I actually had people tell me they would do the job but couldn't be expected to be on the jobsite all day long. As long as they could come in and check on the job and leave they were happy but to have to stay in one place for a whole day was intolerable? #$%$?

    • Fame: Too complicated, it is simply a states rights issue. There is no where in the constitution that allows the feds to get involved. whether your for it or against it is not the point.
      Washington sticks their nose in everything they can and that needs to stop ASAP. JMHO
      Jim Long and calm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Putting religion aside, Why do we have marriage? What's the purpose if you had zero religious beliefs or cultural stigma attached? On secular terms, what is marriage? People certainly mate and procreate outside of marriage. Even in all tribal societies, there's a ceremony that unites a man and a woman. We naturally pair up and form families and these families form clans and these clans form societies. What if there was no marriage?

    • And such a great political diversion from the serious economic problems DC needs to step up to the plate and stop punting on...

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      • In a way kind of my point but Marriage is the core economic driver in all societies. I certainly wouldn't live in such a large house or make so much money. Most of my needs can be provided via hunting gathering. I could stop working today and support myself quite well.

        We both know that our economic problems are beyond repair. Our debt will never be repaid. It isn't possible. Our social welfare programs are 100% impossible to sustain with an aging, shrinking population. We will certainly have an economic crash and social upheaval in the future. Promises were made that can't be kept.