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  • garrettklein87 garrettklein87 Mar 27, 2013 4:08 PM Flag


    this is strike 2 for mgmt:

    1.) synavive

    i'd like to get your thoughts, any change of heart?

    first, once they announce z944, im guessing sometime in the upcoming quarter, it better have some beef to go along with it..

    secondly, if there's no inside action going on pre-z160 i will not be playing that data annoucement either

    i gave them the benefit of the doubt with synvavive, but now they miss on Z944 deadline.. im starting to question Zalicus mgmt.

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    • Gar: I don't understand the #2 Z-944?? They never said they "would" they said" anticipate" & "could". I'm not reading that as a negative. If there was a black cloud on the horizon they would not be going in front of their peers at the two upcoming conferences.
      As to the other thing, I got in because of the ICB potential and am not going to allow the PPS at any time to dictate my thinking, except for one item, I have been able to work the lower PPS to my favor and get my average cost under control.
      I am not a trader and harbor no animosity toward traders and shorts, its just a part of the game.
      A lot of folks say their going to do something and then change when the heat goes up. I'd like to think I'm above that.
      Remember this I'll be the first one out the door if management starts doing foolish things or BS's us. I'd rather have no news than BS for sake of making the share holder feel warm and fuzzy,
      Jim Long and calm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Garrett--the generalized "sometime" maybe i can deal with...Maybe I have it wrong---but Justin's attitude needs to be adjusted.. He's coming off superior and evasive... Agree with you on pre-160 has to be some action going on before then---tutes, insider, etc.....

      Sentiment: Hold