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  • wildbullus wildbullus Mar 27, 2013 5:56 PM Flag

    Why Corrigan does not want to show us Z944 PI result?

    Bad result?
    Big Pharma does not want to partner?
    Manipulating the PPS?

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    • Wild,

      Let's ask this question: If the results are good, Why wouldn't he want to show them? We are in danger of delisting and we need any and all good news! I assume there is some problem with the results....

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      • famous they said they will be advacning z944 in phase II this year in a recent presentation ... why do you think it failed? and why would mgmt meet with throught leaders around the globe if it wasnt successful. Also, wouldn't that be considered witholding material info about the company? i think they'd have to give us an update if it wasnt heading in the right direction.

        Something tells me they may be partnering, etc ..

        if z944 was not succesful, i'd say zlcs mgmt is setting up for some sort of merger to advance z160

    • chevelle_69 Mar 27, 2013 6:57 PM Flag

      That's what I want to know. I'm just a rookie so hopefully someone can explain. How come I can't find any record of a phase I study for z944 in the UK? Do they not post them like they do on clinical trials dot gov website?

      What is considered a material event? If Z944 failed phase I shouldn't it have been reported by now?

      I'm hopful that they have something brewing and we'll all be very happy this next quarter.

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      • Pre clinical and early P's are not material events... Drugs in those phases, fail, get repurposed, or advance all the time without mention. It only seems like a material event because of the size of ZCLS, the potential pps affect it could have and the hammering the pps has taken since Syn. If it is advance to a P2 and mgt talks about it in the open it becomes an 8K event. There have probabily been 100's of Ion canidates Z has looked over/modeled in the past few years, not everyone is material and deserving of a SEC filing.

        News will come when it comes .. good or bad it will come.

        Not happy with the way mgt has treated the pps decline but long and planning on staying so.

      • Material event should report to SEC in an 8-K.

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